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Thread: Boost low volume on Windows 7 PC without any extra hardware or software

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    Boost low volume on Windows 7 PC without any extra hardware or software

    Here is a little-known feature to boost your volume. I suggest you only enable it at times when the volume is too low, such as a YouTube video that plays too softly despite turning the volume to 100%.

    1. Right click on the "speaker icon" on the bottom right corner of the display (the quick launch area)
    2. Click "Playback devices"
    3. Under Playback Tab, click "Speaker HD Audio Device" or whatever is similar, and then click "Properties"
    4. Under Enhancements Tab, check on "Loudness Equalization", then click Apply.

    Then go play your video. If the audio disappears, reload the video and it should work fine. It will automatically pick a proper volume.

    The only con is that you can introduce distortion at louder volumes, so don't leave this option on. Turn it off (uncheck Loudness Equalization and click Apply again) when finished boosting the volume.

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    Good tip, this works on Windows 8 also.

    My new laptop had annoyingly low volume at times so I tried this after hearing the radio mention.It's now much louder

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    Only software I've used is DFX and it worked really good.
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