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Dude, enough of the personal insults. It’s what’s poisoned this forum.

Miley called his counterpart and said: “We’re having an election, the aftermath is going to be a shitshow (because he knew Trump would lose and would not accept the result), I’ll still be around when the dust settles”. Then he called him again right after Trumps attempted coup to say: “he’s shot load, in two weeks everything will be back to normal.” A prudent course of action in my opinion.
Pot meet Kettle as far as Im concerned.. Walter the rest like you Jayjami fucking started hurling the personal insults at folks like dwai, myself and others a long time before this.. Maybe just maybe FTP (while I disagree with him on some crap) has had enough of the bullshit from guys like you who have the same we know better then you holier then thou mentality. Maybe just maybe hes sick of seeing so called leaders fuck our military over and over... And shit since you love calling me a conspiracy theorist Ill just revel in it and say this.. Maybe just maybe Milley knew the fix was in with the election back the end of October.. How do you all explain that all these so called predictions from folks about it appearing Trump won the election and then suddenly the tide would turn were so repeated before the election.. Maybe perhaps because they were let in on the scam sham of an election about to take place.. 100K+ ballots now proven to have not have proper custody logs in Georgia.. That far surpasses what Biden won by.. I swear people are damn lemmings and only want to regurgitate what the fuck the idiot box on TV tells them from MSLSD, Communist News Network et all..

Was listening to a guy on the radio this morning on Iheartmedia and hes from Vietnam now a US citizen and he says whats happening here is actually worse then what happened when his home country fell to the Communists.. Even in the old Soviet Union the totalitarianism from the Democrats would make Stalin smile.. This is right out of the playbook of the iron fisted smiling CCP.. You will do what we tell you or else we will make your lives a living hell period.. If you cant see it then you've lost your ability to reason and think and have gone past the point of no return.. You leftists can have Cali, Ore, WA and the NE USA from Maine to DC but leave the rest the fuck of us alone please..
Did I put you on tilt, or what? I’m not going to go back and count, but I’ve green repped pretty much everybody here at one point or another. Dwai is actually a pretty good poster when he isn’t obsessing over COVID. And as far as thinking I “know better than everybody”, the owner of this site is the number one offender in that regard. Don’t have a problem with that.