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    Connected to somebody.

    Gender: female

    Location: Japan

    You: hello

    Partner: no yanks

    You: uh

    You: I am canadian
    Partner: canada is a part of usa,so you are yanks too

    You: uh, show your tits, you slant eyed gook

    You: LOL

    You: why so racist

    Partner: lol
    Partner: you yanks are so rude and

    You: You not even a woman

    You: some dude pretending to be a hot japanese woman

    Partner: lol

    You: amirite, or amirite

    Partner: that's why i say you yanks stupid

    You: Sure, that may be so

    You: but, what is your claim to fame?
Partner: because we know you will think if a japanese say rude words to you,you won't believe will think it's a man pretend to be a japanese girl,so we take advantage of this

    You: read that sentence, if you are so smart lol

    Partner: and though i'm a real japanese girl,you stupid yanks still don't believe that,lol

    You: I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and chalk that up to the language barrier

    You: I think Japanese women are here to serve men

    You: wrap your feet, and make me some tea

    You: its almost time for bukake party

    You: dont worry, I will blur out your privates

    Partner: you inferior canadians should be proud that you can be a member of the least,this can make you not that inferior and lame

    You: you a quick one, that much is evident.......I am american

    You: Only said canadian in hopes that you will come on camera, and show your yellow titties

    You: So, show your fucking tits, and get me that tea.

    Partner: lol

    You: The guys coming for the bukake party any minute

    Partner: silly enough.

    You: Ming, I will call you ming

    Partner: that's why you are white barbarians full of body hair like uncivilized savages in japanese eyes

    You: I will stick you in my pocket, and bring you out when its time for me to be served in some manner, I hope you are petite.

    You: Not me,I will be a hairless barbarian....... you will shave me, once I have purchased your freedom from your captors

    You: how much, 17 bucks?


    You: lol

    You: you know what is less valuable than a woman in america
    You: a japanese woman in america
    You: you know whats worth less than that? A Japanese woman anywhere else in the world.
    Partner: canada is a nameless country without any culture,history,technology.they are the slave of united kingdom brought there,now they are the slave of yanks

    You: I am in chicago, usa

    You: LOL

    You: once again, reading comp for the loss

    You: I told you, only said canadian in hopes you would show gook tits, now thats all over

    You: now I can only own you, how much to paint your face up and get out the whore,erm, geisha outfit?

    Partner: europeans are better than the inferior barbarians in north america,lol

    You: you like stinky forskin, goat sweat, low incomes and hairy backs,......I see, fair enough, at least they dont have tiny little baby dicks right?

    You: you are a filthy little slut aint you

    Partner: yeah,inferior white barbarians,lol

    You: now thats a gas, a jap woman calling anything are worth less than a show dog, here OR there
    You: and you know it
    Partner: lol

    You: you think the anonymity of this room gives you a voice?

    Partner: yeah,i'm worth less than a dog,i'm worth less than are equal to a dog,lol

    You: get fucking real, you didnt have one when you lived with your father, and now (or soon) you dont/wont have one with your new owner

    You: new owner=your husband

    You: you are so oppressed you need to fight silly battles, with educated people, instead of making friends, you choose to be ignorant, and racist

    Partner: lol

    You: you deserve to be treated the way your men have always treated you, you disgusted jizz covered pig

    Partner: i love to insult you pigs,lol

    You: alas, again, I must correct, you are the only pig here, as would be evidenced by your future job if you came to usa

    You: in the rub and tug parlor

    You: u like? U tip?

    You: U want tuggy?
    Partner: glad to see a pig shout to

    You: white man so fast, he get me everytime......

    You: why wide eye so mean

    You: I call him pig, it no work

    You: wtf man

    You: back to my male enforced world of servitude, silence, and tiny dicks

    You: oh man, the tiny dicks, they keep on coming amirite! 

    You: LOL

    You: ok, bored with you, back to my life as a prosperous happy american, enjoy all that comes with being a Jap woman
    Partner: yeah,i think it's the reason why you white whores are so addicted to the negroes,lol

    You: oops, u too slow, too stupid

    You: you thought too long, typed too slow

    You: you are losing me

    Partner: lol
    You: I am a negro btw

    Partner: I hope all yank pigs are stupid as you

    You: I am a proud irish black man, with a tiny penis, but i do have huge lips

    You: And I love chicken, and run really really fast, and owe mad child support. As for liquor, I am fucked, I like both malt beer AND cheep whiskey!

    You: oh, and I cant get enough of that micheal flatley guy either, fucking happy feet I say
    You: hecka talented

    You: does your man keep you in a cage?

    Partner: wow,first inferior canadian,then yanks,now you become a
    You: wouldnt you like to lose your preconcieved notions, and be open minded ever in your life?

    You: Just because your men treat women like property, doesnt that in-itself kind of blast the other notions they taught you out of the water?

    You: My father was korean
    Partner: japanese is superor and japan is a high developed country,and we look down on the rest of the world full of white barbarians and negroes,lol

    You: I am an irish korean with a red afro

    You: your country could be on the brink of collapse, but I doubt they would tell you......being property and all, and even worse yet, a female....
    You: good to know that your oppressors have hammered such nonsense into your head so thoroughly

    You: very job-well-done.....hell..... I bet you believe their tiny dicks are huge, and moan like shit, if only to hasten the bukake shower and lessen your tiny-dick-tortured sexual existence
    Partner: yeah,we survive that for thousands of years,that's why we japanese are superorer and better than you barbarians,lol

    You: the only thing we ever did to you folks that was off color, was cook a couple of citys, why so mad?

    You: ming, was your family from hiroshima?
    You: I am sorry for that, but alas, during ww2 I wasnt born, I was inside of my grandad in korea, and my black grandmother in dublin

    Partner: yeah,our japanese are also glad to see you yank pigs jump from the buildings in the

    You: thats nice, I am glad you would like to play!

    You: I hope you are gang raped, and then choke to death on your assailants jizz, and that your dying vision are your children being raped and burned to death, and your final waking realization is that there is no afterlife, and were counting on afterlife, becuase you never had a life at all!

    You: your turn

    Partner: i really want to see you yank pigs can give us that show acted a great clown in that jumping games,lol

    You: nope, that one doesnt count, same subject

    You: try again

    You: kinda like, I cant say, I loved how we turned two of your cities into glass and glue (all your dumbfucks standing around like cheese pizzas and shit) when the bombs went off

    You: Thats a duplicate subject matter, that burn wouldnt count

    You: go go go, gook face yellow tits

    You: ty for the entertainment (btw)
    Partner: yeah,the rest of the world saw how you yank pigs give us a jumping show in the yank pigs are a great actor in that show. can you give us an another show like
    You: erm, obv you fail to underand the basic rules

    You: you see, I call you pigfucker
    You: Thus, I cannot again effectively call you pigfucker again

    You: already been used, zing is gone

    You: now, do you comprehend, or do you need to go get your husband to beat you so you will understand?...I understand this is the accepted practice there
    Partner: oh,pigfucker.yeah,i saw many news about you yank pigs fuck with any kind of,pigs,dog and so on

    You: there you go again.......thats been used, I JUST USED IT
    You: you are not following simple rules, I think that not only are you unfortunately a jap woman, you are also tragically retarded!

    You: how sad

    Partner: i just don't know why you yank pigs are so racist while you are inferior.

    You: um.....

    You: you seriously arent very smart

    You: do a google search for stupid asian bitch tommorow

    Partner: i know you pigs are addicted to our japanese women,yeah,though you pigs got very bad smell on you body,still,the money matters


    You: search that

    You: you will find this entire conversation posted

    You: google that shit ming

    You: do it

    You: its an order

    You: a man has demanded, so you will obey

    Partner: lol

    Partner: try to shave you hairy body,don't let you look like a savage first

    Partner: full of Underarm odor
    You: zing!

    You: good burn

    You: your pussy taste so bad, your men eat raw fish to get the taste out

    You:your turn
    Partner: that's why you pigs have to use the Perfume to cover your Underarm odor

    Partner: and pretend to be a human beings .lol

    Partner: don't stand by me,i can't stand you pigs Underarm odor

    You: thats your breath blowing back in your face lady
    You: true story

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    Ming, I miss you already........

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    Dude, slant eyed gook is not the preferred nomenclature. Greasy yellow slope, please.
    SOBCHAK SECURITY 213-799-7798

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    Partner: you yanks are so rude and

    You: You not even a woman

    You: some dude pretending to be a hot japanese woman

    Isn't Chatroulette a video service?

    Couldn't you tell on video if this was a real chick or not?

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    That's a lot of typing to not see the tits of an Japanese girl, that probably wasn't a girl. Or Japanese.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brittney Griner's Clit View Post
    This one is so gay even for your standards, even with the low low bar you have set at the tip of onesteps dick.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gene Hunt
    NoFraud Online Poker Room: For password resets and reload requests PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belly Buster View Post
    That's a lot of typing to not see the tits of an Japanese girl, that probably wasn't a girl. Or Japanese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Partner: you yanks are so rude and

    You: You not even a woman

    You: some dude pretending to be a hot japanese woman

    Isn't Chatroulette a video service?

    Couldn't you tell on video if this was a real chick or not?
    Not everyone on the site has a webcam turned on so it just says where they are from.

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    jesus christ within 5 minutes of checking out this site for the first time ive already had to see 2 guys jerking off

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    lol, thanks for sharing the experience,

    now the rest of us will know to avoid repeating you mistaken in conversing with a Japaner (although i cant' imagine i would ever initiate something like that)

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