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Too fucking bad. He broke the law. It isn't a popularity contest.

And in case you haven't noticed, 60% of Americans want him gone immediately even though he only has a week left. The only people who will be angry are crybaby incels like you who have to dream up fairy tales about how he actually won the election.

To which Statute do you refer? Please cite. While I agree that what he did was totally reprehensible and non-Presidential and shameful, I disagree that a law was broken by Trump. I base my comments on a review of the applicable Statutes and relevant case law. But, I always keep an open mind. Please cite the exact Statute he broke. Just because Anderson Cooper throws a hissy fit, doesn't mean the conduct is unlawful.
Ask Tom Cotton, James Inhofe, Ben Sasse and Liz Cheney. They all agree with Anderson Cooper.