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    Here you go nerds

    Like you faggots didn’t already know this...

    I like how you fucks pretend like you are oblivious to this shit, well the ones in the know, but here’s pretty much what happened and what caused my week long psychosis.

    Sure, I was talking crazy, probably asked for it, but what about the innocent people being affected by this, go fuck yourselves you despicable pieces of shit, especially you San Lamar, with your blatant subliminals.

    Obviously you’ll still say I’m “mentality I’ll”, even in the face of the evidence proving me right all along, go eat all of my balls, you bug eyed faggots, everyone one of you.

      Muck Ficon: Someone is off their meds today....
      theSMARTESTLIBERALalive: Offsetting the nincompoop muckficon negative rep. We are all good communists today.
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    I'm sorry cleatus hurt you the way he did.

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    Lol, what's app? Obviously you know cletus is an old creepy man who grinds penny slots for free wifi right?

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    Only a "select number" of users were targeted although the exact number is not yet known, WhatsApp said.

    Human rights groups, some security companies and the US Department of Justice were informed of the glitch earlier this month, WhatsApp told the BBC.

    weird, usually 'mentally ill truck drivers' would be at the top of the list for the DoJ to reach out to.
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    There are definitely no straws in this thread, and most definitely no psychotic mexicans grasping.
    /ˈSHit ˌSHō/
    1) a situation or event marked by chaos or controversy. 2) This site.

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    Tell us more Spic Tracy...

      sonatine: absolutely incredible.
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    Does anybody know if u can get a work visa for playing online poker in the UK
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    Quote Originally Posted by SysOp View Post
    Lol, what's app? Obviously you know cletus is an old creepy man who grinds penny slots for free wifi right?

    cleatus is just creepy and has probably dug through a shit ton of your posts and he thinks being creepy is clever trolling, doubt he would actually mess with your phone

      cleatus: thanks for the text earlier in the day. it's good to hear ya considering that Putin and trump a dump as mafia boss and wanna be create collateral damage that might ice you.

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    Were Republicans cowardly or unethical not to go along with [convicting Trump in the second impeachment Senate trial]? No. The smart move was to reject it.

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    I am unique amongst all the despicable pieces of shit here in that I have never opened a Facebook App in my life.

    You really couldn’t fathom my contempt for social media. People are fucking idiots.

    I do appreciate the attention nevertheless.

    The hack can’t be any worse than FB (who owns WhatsApp). You know it take programming and dollars to target - the fine folks at FB realized just sucking up everything is cheaper.

    Long term there really isn’t going to be any difference between extortion and monetization

      cleatus: can't wait to enroll in the Sanlmar School of Subliminals

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