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Thread: mouth and ass odors at the live tables

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    mouth and ass odors at the live tables

    Lately at the $1 $2 tables i have been encountering severe hygiene issues from the players at the table especially the men. Their breath stinks to high heaven regardless of age but i do notice the older males breath smell like stale rotted teeth in dire need of a deep cleaning. On occasion they will get off the seat and that sweaty ass odor begins to penetrate my nostrils. If this is some sort of tactic to put people on tilt it seems to be working On occasion a young woman will leave the seat with a slight fish odor . Some men get turned on by it others find it revolting. If for one immediately request a table change but before i get that change i am forced to endure the stink

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    Homeless people generally have better hygiene than most poker players. They are more pleasant to be around as well. Both groups will constantly ask you for money, however, and it never seems to be their fault as to why they don't have any.
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    very underrated thread
    Quote Originally Posted by bottomset_69 View Post
    Johnny Manziel will be the 1st pick in the draft. I truly believe not only will Johnny Manziel be rookie of the year, quite possibly he will be MVP as his style will shock defensive coordinators. Manziel may only be 6 feet tall, but he has size 15 feet. And he has HUGE hands. I know some NFL scouts so I know what I am talking about.

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    I would put Eskimo Clark in charge of poker room hygiene if he were still alive.

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    BTW JACKDANIELS is the first one banned from the thread. He is accusing me of being "duped by a middle aged man who dresses like John Cena"

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    I would put Eskimo Clark in charge of poker room hygiene if he were still alive.

    Eskimo "Paul" Clark did not sleep in beds ever...since he returns stateside. couch floor car valet, anywhere but a Bed..severe PTSD.... Vietnam vet.. A decent man... RIP.

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    I wonder if people are having plaque and gingivitis issue since itís so hard to get into the dentist. Itís almost a 9 month wait at dentist around me.

    When Iím in these situations I put a little flavored chapstick in my mask or put some under your nose if you donít have a mask.

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