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BeerAndPoker gonna start up a blog!

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Whats up everyone?

Does anyone blog on PFA anymore?

I guess I will give it a shot!

I've decided I'm going to start a blog on here. Whether it lasts a month or goes on longer who knows but my intention is to do a blog once a week with many of them having a twist.

My goal for blogs in the next few weeks will be a recorded video of me playing a random poker game which in most cases will probably be a smaller stakes HU sng (just easier to do) while discussing stuff whether it be my week, random past stories, current poker news,etc...

So far let me just state it's different to record a blog like this and in ways I'm putting myself out there to randoms on the internet especially on a forum where haters gonna hate but I'm gonna just say fuck it!

I've recorded an introduction type of video of how I got into poker with some in depth details while not trying to go too far with it and I've also recorded a weekly video for this week. I will be posting downloadable links to them probably sometime over the next couple of days. Their will be haters I'm sure but oh well.

In the two clips I've recorded so far I've not really played all that seriously and in fact find myself not playing the most optimal as possible. The intention is again to just do something else while talking about whatever so it's not really some strategy video but to just give an added element whenever I do a clip. I'm not sure whether I will do all blogs like this, record an audio clip itself, or just do a traditional write up but I figured I'd start on this path and see where it goes.

Like many people are in life to themselves I am my biggest critic. It is really new to me to talk for several minutes by myself but I figured I would give it a go. I must say trying this makes me appreciate even more the job Druff does on a weekly basis in many PFA shows where he's flying solo.

Anyways, for now this is just a heads up blog on what I'm going to try to do. I might post a topic in the forum about this but for now I figured I'd do it in a blog on here and see if anyone actually notices since blogs on this forum seem to have disappeared and really were DOA. No offense the idea was cool but it just never took off I'm just saying!

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