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Westbound and Down

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"No wife can endure a gambling husband; unless he is a steady winner."

For me this is absolutely true. Has gambling killed many of my previous relationships? Absolutely. Yet it always kills relationships when I started losing. Gambling is one thing, but when your partner is around to see all the wins and losses it's another. When your flush and chuck full, you're like Mickey Mantle walking into the Copacabana. When your down and out, well you're like Bill Buckner trying to find a bar you can relax in.

I have been a gambler my whole life. For as long as I have had money, I was always trying to flip it into more money. I grew up around gambling, gamblers, hustlers, and cheats as well. I grew up you can say middle classed, but middle class in my city simply meant you didn't have to take the bus to work. I can say that the only reason we had some of the things in life that others didn't, was from sports bets, and interest from loans. I learned very early that there was money to be made from certain aspects of gambling if you were smart.
The first loan I ever borrowed was from my uncle, and at age 10 he was schooling me. For a $10 loan, he made me give him back $11.

As years went by, deeper and deeper into the action I got. Everything the old school guys had taught me kinda faded away together, with all the personal memories that once meant the world to me. My time was consumed by making bets, taking bets, paying loans, giving loans and trying to keep my head above water. It's a tough thing for anyone to go through, and when you start wishing there were more hours in the day to complete all your tasks, your really fucked. Many successful people feel this way, but what if your not successful? Not to mention you're just starting your first day of HighSchool next month.

I will end it there until my next blog. I am in the process moving. Moving to Vegas has always been a dream of mine, and finally I had the balls to make the decision. I have a long list of gambling stories that in the future I would love to share. Most of them I am not proud of, but it wouldn't be realistic if I didn't give the good with the bad.

Check out my next blog where I talk about being maybe the youngest member in GA history.

Good luck to all the Gamblers out there, just remember life goes on.

Till next time,

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  1. Dan Druff's Avatar
    Looking forward to the next part of the story.
  2. thesparten's Avatar
    sooo true