Official PokerFraudAlert Radio Freeroll Rules & Instructions

Updated August 13, 2022

The PokerFraudAlert Freeroll is a FREE poker tournament which pays CASH prizes!

It takes place during PokerFraudAlert Radio, which usually broadcasts approximately every 2 weeks, starting between 8:30pm and 9:30pm Pacific Time.

The freeroll itself usually takes place at around 9:15pm Pacific, on the night of radio. There are 25 minutes of "late registration" allowed.

You can find the freeroll on the NoFraud Online Poker Room.

You need to register a separate account on the NoFraud Online Poker Room, meaning that you can't use your PokerFraudAlert Forum account there.

It is 100% free to register an account, and it does not require any play chips to play the freeroll!

However, you MUST get permission to play, from the poker room manager, "belly buster". To get this permission, you need to send him a private message on the PokerFraudAlert forum. If he does not respond, you can text Dan Druff at (775) 372-8355 and he will try to get belly's attention to the matter. This is being done in order to prevent multiaccounting.

To qualify for the free money, you need to have a registered account on the PokerFraudAlert forum dated 2021 or earlier.

You also must be in "good standing" here to qualify for the free money, meaning that your account cannot be banned, suspended, or fully post restricted.

If you are a lurker and still want to play, you must contact Dan Druff. You can do so via forum PM, or e-mailing dandruff (at) pokerfraudalert dot com, or texting 775-372-8355. This must be done at least a few hours before the show. Explain how long you've been listening/lurking, and tell him some of your favorite anecdotes from the forum or the radio show. If you fail to do this before the tournament, or if you send some generic bullshit like, "I think the show is funny. I like the show", you will NOT qualify for the freeroll, and your prize will be given to the next qualifying finisher.

Alternately, you can donate a minimum of $10 to the freeroll, and you can also qualify for this and all other future freerolls by doing so. You must donate this $10 BEFORE the freeroll starts.

You will also automatically qualify if Druff remembers you from neverwinpoker, Donkdown, or vegascasinotalk forums, provided you are not banned from this site.

We are doing this in order to prevent freeroll-hunting leeches from using our site for our freeroll money and then disappearing.

Anyone who does NOT qualify for prizes will be effectively taken out of the prize pool, and everyone will move up a notch regarding cashing.

Freeroll winnings can be paid by Zelle, Cash App, bitcoin, bank transfers (only certain banks), and "other methods" (ask). When you win, please PM "Dan Druff" on the forum or e-mail him at dandruff (at) pokerfraudalert dot com to claim your winnings.

Freeroll winnings not claimed within 6 months are subject to confiscation and will be used to fund future freerolls or contests on PokerFraudAlert.

Almost all freeroll prizes are donated by radio listeners and forum users, so the person donating has the right to decide upon any restrictions regarding how the money can be won. This must be stated by the donor before the freeroll, and will be listed in that week's radio thread. If you happen to be excluded because the donor doesn't like you (doesn't happen often), tough luck.

Anyone caught colluding or multi-accounting the freeroll will be banned from the poker room forever, will be disqualified from all PFA contests and freerolls, and may also be banned from the forum. However, it is okay if you have multiple accounts on the poker room, but never use more than one simultaneously in a freeroll or other tournament.

belly buster is the poker room manager, and all of his decisions are final. Do not complain to Dan Druff if you feel he has treated you unfairly. However, if you would like Druff to hear your side of the story and put in a friendly suggestion on your behalf, you can contact him, but no guarantees of results.