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Thread: Beware; If you read this you may dump a load in your pants

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    Beware; If you read this you may dump a load in your pants

    Open music, listen and read

    When ENIAC was announced in 1946 it was heralded in the press as a "Giant Brain."

    Today I play with a Galaxy S5 which is a 100,000 smaller but a billion times more powerful.

    So what is this all about you may be asking yourself'

    Well on March 11, 2015 my debit card quit working down here in Mexico. So with 200 pesos in my pocket I did indeed have a problem.

    Over and over again I tried to get the ATM machine to work but it said I was entering an incorrect pin number. Which I have written down and used for almost 3 years.

    So I managed to contact citibank bank in the United States after calling them for almost an hour. Phones work poorly down here in Mexico. After contacting them and being disconnected several times I got going but the first person I spoke with couldn't give me a pin number that would work over the phone. Said she could mail it to me however.

    Well mail travels extremely slow in Mexico and could take several months to arrive as I've done it before and know. Plus you don't have a box and they just shove it through your fence and it stays there until you pick it up.

    So I requwest to speak to the supervisor and get him. He listens to me and requests all kinds of information and I give it to him. then he transfers me to another person.

    the next person asks me 4 questions to further identify who I am.

    Question number one Mr. Richardson. Answer yes to the choices in the question or yes all of it is right or wrong.

    1. In 1939 did your uncle Hi join the Canadian army in WW2?

    2. Was your uncle Jack taken prisoner when the B17 he was in was shot down over Germany in WW2?

    3. Did your grandfather serve in WW1 in the 1st Infranty Division?

    4. Your father was drafted into the United States army for WW2?

    Yes to all of the above I answered.

    Question Number 2.

    1. In 1955 you had you tonsils removed?

    2. Your mother had electric shock theraphy in 1960 for depression?

    3. You are presently imputent?

    4. Your father died in 1991 from a stroke?

    1, 2, and 4 are correct I answered.

    Question number 3.

    1. Your first job was at a ''Howard Johnson's'' as a dishwasher?

    2. Your fist job was at ''Buster's'' car wash?

    3. Your first job was at ''Sam's'' pizza?

    4. Your first job was at ''J.C. Penny'' as a stockboy?

    Howard Johnson's as a dishwasher I answered.

    Question number 4.

    1. You first car was a 1955 convertable Volkwagan?

    2. Your first car was a 1963 Buick special?

    3. Your first car was a 1955 Chevy Bel Aire?

    4. Your first car was a 1962 Ford Falcon?

    Now I had owned each car but the 1955 VW was the first one.

    So I asked him How the f##k do you know all this stuff about me?

    ''With the internet it's a small world sir.'' He chuckled. ''I could also tell you that your father was on Omaha Beach on the 3rd wave June 6th, 1944.

    Which he was.

    So I said.

    ''Tell me the name of the first woman I had sex with.''

    ''I can try to reference that if you wish?''

    ''Ah no, that's alright.'' I answered.

    So I finally did get a pin number that did work today.

    But if they know all this stuff about me what do they know about everyone. And this is just a bank.

    Beware because every public file or newspaper clipping as long as it is recorded in history is in the web of the net. and available to all.

    Forty years ago a camera in space could tell if a man had shaved. Today it can tell which hairs he missed while doing so and beyond.

    It goes beyond ''Big Brother'' today.

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