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Thread: Goldmining...The Epic Adventure

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    Goldmining...The Epic Adventure

    This story is presented by PFA productions and exclustively owned by Bruce S. Richardson. Rights pending.

    Brought to you in color and black and white it will run approximately every week.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Open music, listen and read

    Some men foolishly seek riches...When they lay right before them


    Episode 1. The rescue.

    June 1873. Arizona territory.

    Indian Sam on the left, Sonny Richardson in the middle, Ken Gillespie on the right.

    ''How hot do you think it is out here Ken?'' Says Sonny

    ''Well a lot colder in Chicago I think.''

    ''Ah yes Chicago. But never a bluer sky than this. Reminds me of sister Helen's eyes.

    ''What a woman Ken. I loved the woman I did. Glory to God what a looker! Eyes...Eyes that shined like diamonds in the sky they did. But the trouble was her being a nun I sure wasn't ever going to get none.''

    ''Hah hah! Even a stupid Hopi indian understands that one Sonny.''

    ''So Sam how hot do you think it is?''

    ''What difference does it make Sonny. It aint going to change. We been searching for this gold for 8 years now. Since you two got out of the army and stayed here.''

    ''Yes a dream it is my friend and it's going to someday come true.''

    ''Well is had better happen soon Sonny as my wife Karen is getting a little round around the ears about it. Man she figures should be at home with the family more. Youngens to bring up also.''

    ''Ah yes your wife Karen. Never a better woman I tell you. You're a lucky man and I'm sorry to have to drag you into my dreams. But admit it, you also have an inkling to be rich I know don't you?''

    ''Well who don't Sonny? What kind of stupid question is that old friend?''

    Just then they hear a scream.

    ''Trouble! Let's go!'' Yells Sonny.

    And when getting to where they heard the scream they see a young indian girl on the ground.

    But they also hear something else.

    And Sonny pulls his Colt 45 and shoots the snake.

    Then pulls his knife and cuts the girl's leg and begins to suck the blood and poison out.

    ''Sam get to that hill there and see if there's a village or something on the other side and shoot your pistol if there is.'' Says Sonny.

    And Sam took off.

    Reached the hill.

    And then fired his pistol.

    ''Help me Ken get her up on my horse. I sure hope they have a good medicine man there. It also looks like she hit her head on that rock there. Poor young thing.''

    The blank screen below will indicate when the scene is over.

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    Episode 2

    The reward

    Open music, listen and read

    And so the trek to the village began.

    ''Look! White men come!''

    ''Sonny I no like this. These people are Apache. They no like Hopi Indians.''

    ''Just keep your fingers steady on the trigger fellas. If there's any shooting to be done I'll start it.''

    Then a man came forward and said.

    ''Give her to me.''

    ''Snake bite. She has also hit her head upon a rock.'' Says Sonny.

    ''I will care for her. Ride forward.''

    And so they rode forward to a man who appeared to be maybe a leader.

    ''I am Cheif Holachi. Leader of these Apache people. I see you have brought one of our own to our village. Who are you called?''

    ''Yes cheif Holachi she was bitten by a snake and hit her head on a rock. My name is Sonny Richardson. These are my friends. Ken and Sam.'

    ''Why are you in our land Sonny Richardson?''

    ''Prospecting Cheif is why we our here.''

    ''You are a fool to look for the yellow oro.''

    ''Well why don't you let me be the judge of that Cheif. Every man has his dream.''

    ''Come by the fire. We must talk.''

    ''You drink. It is good. You will like.''

    ''Sure what is it Cheif Holachi?''

    ''Mixture of aqua from cactus and power of the hashish plant.''

    And Sonny takes the bottle and begins to drink.

    ''Hmm good Cheif. Thanks. Hits the spot after a hot day it does.''

    Sam thinks in head

    ''Oh brother Sonny has no idea what that stuff is going to do to him.''

    And then Sonny passed it to Ken who drank and then Sam.

    ''Sonny Richardson I am a peaceful man. But you are in a dangerous land. Geronimo, Cochise make war on the white man. In some ways they are right. White men come to this land and kill the buffalo. Iron horse cut the land with a fury like your soldiers on their horses. We starve while your people grow fat off our lands.''

    ''Cheif Holachi you are right. My people have done many wrongs in this land. But war is a bad thing as Ken and I have been through it. I lost my brother in the war that raged between the white man. Ken saved my life that day when he shot straight and killed the man who was going to kill me after he killed my brother. Yes war is terrible as I have been in it and seen it with my eyes. Maybe I am bad also to seek the yellow oro. But if I find it yes I was have some fun with it. But afterwards I wish to farm and raise cattle. To feed the starving people out there such as the Apache. I wish to do good Cheif Holachi as my God has written it his book that is what to be done.''

    ''Yes Sonny Richardson you sound like a good man. I believe you.''

    ''For your honor and courage to bring this young girl to our village you will be rewarded. Tonight you and you friends will sleep with Renuella and her sisters. Look upon her Sonny Richardson.''

    Sam thinks in head

    ''Goog God I can only think what her sisters look like.''

    Then says

    ''Cheif Holachi I am a Hopi Indian. Enemies of your people. For me to do something as to sleep with a woman of your tribe would be disgracing you.''

    ''Yes you are right as I thought you were Hopi. Hopi very ugly people. Yes a disgrace if were to happen.''

    Sam thinks in head

    ''Well you don't have to be mean about it Cheif. But if sleeping with her and her sisters is my reward then yes I'm glad to be a ugly Hopi Indian.''

    Ken says.

    ''Cheif I'm a married man. These kinds of actions are not permitted in my culture. I love my wife and if she caught wind of my doing something like this I might wake up in the morning with part of me missing. And I'm not talking about my gold tooth in my mouth. But Sonny here, he's a single man. Always roaring and ready to go. He's your man Cheif. Sonny Richardson.''

    ''Yes I understand.'' Says the Cheif.

    ''Then it will be you Sonny Richardson who shares the teepee with Renuella tonight until morning comes.''

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    Sonny stands up and says

    ''Well I aint going to do it! Damn you and your mouth Ken Gillespie. Damn you to Hell!''

    The Cheif's warrioirs scensing his displeasue raise their bows at the three.

    ''Sonny I think if we want to make it out of here alive you might reconsider and take the Cheif up on his gracious offer.''

    ''God in Heaven why me?! Why wasn't I bitten by the serpent my Lord?!''

    And then Sonny threw his hat to the ground!

    And as Sonny walked toward the teepee Renuella thought.

    ''Hee hee. I give this white man Sonny Richardson good one. One he never forget.''

    And as Sonny enjoyed the conforts of Renuella until the morning.

    Ken played love songs all night long until morning on his guitar.

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    Episode 3

    The map

    Open music, listen and read

    And so Sonny emerged from the teepee in the morning.

    With a sour look on his face.

    ''How you doing old friend? I trust you slept well? Some Jo by the fire there for you.'' Said Ken

    ''You and that blasted guitar Ken Gillespie. I ought to bash it over your head.''

    And with that Sonny kicked the coffee cup and pot from the fire. Come on you two let's get saddled up and get out of this God forsaken place.''

    ''Sonny Richardson come with me. I wish to speak with you.''

    ''Sure Cheif Holachi what is it you wish to speak with me about?''

    ''That girl that you helped and brought to our village will be well says my medicine man. He says only the fast action that you had saved her life. That girl is my daughter.''

    ''Well that is good to hear Cheif Holachi. But I would do the same for anyone. That's the kind of man I am.''

    ''Yes I know Sonny Richardson. There are few upon this land as you.''

    And with that Sonny beamed inside. Little shit that he was. But you got to love him.

    Sonny Richardson far to the north there is a place where the yellow oro is much. I have made a drawing for you where it is. But remember what I have told you. Only a fool seeks the yellow oro. The good things in life are the wind and soil. Friendship also. These things are free and many more. One thing more I must tell you. The last white men that went there for the yellow oro never returned as it is on sacred Wynovi burial ground.''

    ''Hey Cheif Holachi you didn't say anything to Ken and Sam about this did you.''

    ''No only you Sonny Richardson.''

    ''Good as I'll take care the the explaining to do. Those 2 are afraid of their own shadows and it has to be done just right.''

    And then the Cheif took Sonny's hand and cut it and his own.

    ''We are now brothers Sonny Richardson.''

    ''Yes brothers for life Cheif Holachi.''

    And as the sun rose in the sky, Sonny in the middle says.

    ''Boys we hit the mother lode we did.''

    ''What do you mean Sonny?'' Says Sam

    ''Got me a map from the Cheif. He says all we have to do is pick it off the ground. Easy as that.''

    ''Well that sounds great Sonny. Karen will love to hear that.'' Says Ken.

    ''Yep all we have to do is raise a stake for the things we'll need. And I know just how to do that.'' Said Sonny

    And Cheif Holachi thought to himself.

    ''Me wonder if I do the right thing by giving Sonny Richardson drawing where the yellow oro is. It will only cause him sorrow and pain if he finds it.''

    And then they came to a river and Sonny said.

    ''Yes life is beautiful as the Lord made it. And simple too. It's just all so simple.''

    But as we all know, life is not simple as the best things in life are free. Yes Sonny would find out that only a fool seeks the yellow oro.

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    this thread has potential.

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    and did you hear what happened to winnie.

      son of lockman: Sorry to hear that news i am. :(

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    Episode 4

    Their plans start

    So the journey back home took 4 days to cover nearly 200 miles of country. Beautiful territory but desert also.

    They even saw some indians. Who just sat on their ponies and looked at the three.

    ''Don't stare them down fellas. Just keep on moving. If they start to head our way pull out your rifles. We don't want any trouble now that we have a map of where to look for gold.'' Said Sonny.

    But nothing happened so the 3 moved on.

    Finally on the 4th day they were home.

    Bumble Bee Arizona. Formed in 1863 some still live there today.

    ''Gee it's good to be back home fellas after 2 months on the trial. Ken I bet you're excited to get back with Karen aren't you?''

    ''Sure am Sonny. Miss my woman I do.''

    ''Going to talk to her about the map are you?''

    ''Yes I will.''

    ''Good and you Sam?''

    ''Maybe go into to town and see what is going on for me I'm going to.''

    ''Me I'm going to get cleaned up and go into town and play some poker. Maybe Bill is at the saloon. Bill's got money and we're going to need it. I can run circles around that man at the table.'' Sonny chuckles.

    Bill is the local merchant and not bad with a gun. He extends credit but charges outragous interest rates. He also has a son named Red who's a nice guy but slow in the head. Sonny and Bill don't like each other.

    Bill Travis

    ''My darling Ken I've missed you. 2 months is a long time to be without someone I love.''

    ''Yes my Karen, my beautiflu wife. The nights are lonely out there without you.''

    ''So this is the last of it as you promised me before you left this last time?''

    ''Karen Sonny has a map and it's a long story on how he got it but he says it's a sure thing this time. All we have to do is pick it up off the ground.''

    ''Sure thing? Why the only sure thing for Sonny is that if he's with a woman and given time is how long will it take him to seduce her. He's a wild man that can't be stopped in this seach for gold. He's not for us and I know he's been your friend since you were children but when is this going to end Ken?''


    ''I don't want to hear about 'Well' Ken. That's something you dig. Just like this dream you have with Sonny of finding gold out there.''

    ''But we can be rich Karen.''

    ''Ken you don't understand. I don't want money. I want a husband I can be with. The nights are lonely being alone. Thinking were you are. This isn't Chicago were you used to live. It's dangerous out there. You could lose your life out there not to mention your hair attached to some stick and blowing in the wind. The boys need a father Ken.''

    ''But Karen.''

    ''Don't 'But' me Ken. Just go. Go on this search for what you want. I can see it's not a family life. Just go and leave me lonely. And don't worry as I'll be here if you return. Oh and remember the pastor is coming for supper tonight. Many will be here.''

    ''Ok I will Karen. I might go into town with Sonny later and play some cards. How about if you pick me up later in some hours sweetheart?''

    ''Sure Ken I will. I will.''

    And with that Ken left and headed to the bunkhouse to see Sonny

    After some minutes of silence Sonny said to Ken.

    ''What's bothering you old friend. I can sense that something's wrong.''

    ''It's Karen Sonny. She just doesn't understand.''

    ''Oh I see. So what are you going to do my friend.''

    ''Oh I'm going you bet that. I'm going to show her that this long seach of ours isn't going to amount to nothing.''

    ''Good and I'll have a talk with her myself. Women just don't realise what's important in life.''

    Sonny thinks in head.

    ''I'm glad I'm not married and have to deal with women. It's like being dealt a rotten hand in poker it is.''

    Then says

    ''Ken don't mention this to your father-in-law Pops ok? His month might get the whole thing in trouble as I don't want people to know we're taking off until we do.''

    ''Sure Sonny I know. Oldtimer just runs off with the mouth at times he does.''

    Just then Pops entered the bunkhouse where he stays also. And sat down.

    ''What's up you 2 tinhorns?'' Said Pops.

    ''Howdy dad.'' Says Ken.

    ''Not much Pops and what's up with you?'' Says Sonny.

    ''Old age is up you 2 wranglers.'' Pops is laughing.

    ''You 2 find any gold this time?

    ''No Pops just another deadend it was for us.'' Says Sonny. ''But given time we will.''

    ''Given time? 8 years and nothing. If you do find it at the rate you are going you'll be too old to spend it like me.''

    ''Old age is in the heart Pops. We'll find it I can tell you that.'' Says Sonny.

    ''Good cause I want something good for Karen and the boys. Ken you start better being a provider as at times I think Karen would of been better off to marry that lawyer fella. Big house he has outside of town too.''

    Ken doesn't say anything.

    ''Well I got to get cleaned up some. Shave and wash under my arms as I can smell myself. Pops, Ken and I are going into town to play some cards. You want to come along?''

    ''Nah just be a pest I'd be. Nobody wants oldtimers to be around. I'll just fritter around here in the bunkhose for me.''

    And with that Sonny cleaned up and Ken and him went into town.

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    Episode 5

    The game

    ''Well let's play some poker fellas. 5 card draw.'' Said Sonny

    Around to him are clockwisw, Ken to his left, Some stranger never seen before, Bill Travis, Red who's chewing some gum as always, and Jim Jetters a real pain in the ass and drunk also.

    And Sam over at the bar checking things out.

    A few other men and Ginger.

    Who Sonny enjoys the comforts together with her at times.

    Sonny deals out 5 cards to everyone. Then says.

    ''Bet's to you Ken.''


    ''You stranger?''





    ''I's all in Mr. Sonny. With it alls.'' Smacking away on his gum Red is.


    ''I fold.''

    Sonny thinks in his head. But looks at his cards and sees he has a pair of Aces.

    ''This Red is so stupid I have to respect him. No telling what he has but he can't be bluffing.''

    ''Fold here I do myself.''

    And the rest of the table also folds.

    ''Your pot Red pcik it up.'' Says Sonny.

    Travis was incensed at his son Red and said.

    ''Why you stupid little shit how can you do that? Why I take care of you is only because I promised your mother on her deathbed that I would. But someday Red I'm going to forget that promise I made to her. And get that damn gum out of your mouth you blasted good for nothing idiot.'' Travis sniveled twice.

    And Travid smacked Red across the side of his face.

    Red pulled the red gum from his mouth and stuck it under the table.

    Everyone noticed that it was red.

    The next hand was Ken's to deal.

    5 cards went out to all and Sonny had a pair of queens with an ace and a 4 and a 2.

    The stranger checked.

    Travis bet $20.

    Red called and Jimmy Jetters folded.

    Sonny raised to $60.

    Ken folded and Travis just looked at Sonny then said.

    ''I call.''

    ''How many cards you want Travis?'' Said Ken.

    ''One card.


    ''Three cards please Mr. Ken.''


    ''Two cards Ken.''

    And so Ken dealt them out.

    ''Travis your bet.'' Said Ken.

    ''I check.''



    ''I bet $100 dollars.''

    Travis looked at Sonny.



    ''Daddy called so me too.''

    ''Can you beat 3 ladies?'' Said Sonny

    And Travis and Red threw their cards into the muck.

    ''Thanks fellas.''

    And Sonny scooped the pot.

    The game went on for several hours with no really big winners. But Sonny was indeed ahead. Then came a hand.

    It was Sonny's hand to deal and he dealt out the cards.

    ''Your bet Ken.''





    ''Check.'' And Travis sniveled twice.

    ''You know you sure snivel a lot Travis.'' Said Sonny. ''Guy like you ought to be called Booger bill instead of just Bill.''

    And Sonny laughed as did most of the table. Excepting Red and him.

    ''Red your bet.''

    ''Check like daddy.''


    ''Bet a $100.''

    Sonny looked at his cards and he had an open ended straight flush with a red 2.

    ''I raise you $100 dollars Jetters.''

    Everyone else folded.


    ''How many cards do you Want?.''

    ''Two cards and make them good.''

    ''Coming right at you Jetters.'' Said sonny.

    ''One card for me here.''

    ''Your bet Jetters.''

    ''Busted draw you have Sonny. I raise another $100 dollars.''

    ''Hmm? Why I tell you what my man. All my money's going in the center here.''

    And Jetters stood up and backed away from the table and screamed.

    ''Why you dirty damn cheat Sonny.

    As he pulled his gun.

    ''I'm going to kill you for being one Sonny.''

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    Jetters I would suggest you holster that gun. You're drunk. Fella like you should just go home and suck on your mama's tits if she's still around.''

    ''What?'' Said Jetters.

    There were two raps from under the table heard.

    ''Jetters that's my 45 aiming right at your gut. You may get me but by damn you're going down too. Ever see a man die with a bullet in his guts? It aint pretty as sometimes it takes awhile. Thristing for water you'll be but in this place you''ll get whiskry instead. So make your move Jetters or get out.''

    And Jetters just stared at Sonny for some seconds. Then he put his gun back and turned and left the saloon with 2 of his friends following him.

    ''Well that's how you bluff a man out twice in the same hand fellas.''

    And then he brought his hand up from under the table and dropped a $20 dollar gold piece on it.

    And everyone laughed except for Booger Bill Travis with his new name.

    Sam thought.

    ''Sonny you have to be the craziest man alive to do something like that.''

    Ginger thought.

    ''A man with guts. That's why I love him. But I know he'll never give his heart to any woman.''


    It was Karen to pick up Ken.

    ''That's Karen Sonny. She's here to pick us up for supper. The pastor is going to be there.''

    ''Pastor ken? Well with us being Roman Cathoics he ought be half way right about the good book. Come on Sam let's go.'' Sonny said chuckling.

    Travis thinks in head.

    ''Someday Sonny we're going to meet out in the street. And you better be pretty damn good.''

    Jimmy Jetters up the street with his back turned to us.

    'I'm going to kill that Sonny Richardson as he's a low down mangy cheating dog.''

    ''Ah Jimmy give it up. Why Sonny Richardson will cut you down faster than a cow podd hitting the ground. He's the fastest gun in the territory. You'll be a dead man if you draw on him.''

    ''Well I don't care as he's a dead man today. Telling me to go home and suck on my mama's tit.''

      Muck Ficon: :noose
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    Episode 6

    The faceoff

    And so Ken asked Sonny if he was going to have supper and talk to the pastor?

    But just then the children who come with Karen to pick up Kenstarted screaming.

    ''Uncle Sonny! Uncle Sonny show us the trick. Show us the trick!''

    ''Hey wait a minute you guys. Doesn't your father even get a hi?''

    ''Oh hi dad.''

    ''Hi boys, kids.''

    ''But Uncle Sonny show us the trick! Please Uncle Sonny show us the trick!''

    ''Geez you kids are going to break me. You're going to have shinning my boots on a regular basic at this speed youngens.
    Alright Ken throw the silver dollar into the air then.''

    And Ken did.

    And Sonny shot.

    And one of the children ran to get it and placed it and placed it in Sonny's hand.

    ''But it's not perfect Uncle Sonny, you did it wrong again.''

    ''What? Now listen here there's only one man that's perfect enough to do it every time and his name is Jesus. Let me show you Jesus.''

    ''I wear this around my neck children. It's Jesus you know and he's the only perfect person in the world. You have to beleive in him as your mortal soul depends on it as there's no other way to Heaven.''

    ''And when you pray to him in your time of need he will be there to guide you.''

    And Sonny touched the cruifix on the tummy and a blade sprang forth.

    And the children were speechless and shocked.

    And Karen yelled at Sonny.

    ''Sonny why do you do that to these children?! They're too young to be scared like that!''

    ''Karen they need not fear Jesus if they beleive in him. They should know this. And even the blade inside him here is the blade of justice.''

    And just then a scream was heard up the street.


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    ''Karen get the children off the street now!'' Said Sonny.

    Sonny turned around and said.

    ''What is it now Jetters?''

    ''Your going to die Sonny. Right here right now.''

    ''I am? Ok let's walk up aways to the corral so we put no others in danger here Jetters.''

    And so they did with Ken, Sam, and a few others following.

    ''Dear God I shall fear no evil as thou are with me.'' Sonny thought.

    And so they reached the corral by the train were they loaded horses and stood there. Sonny was holding the open cruifix in his hand and praying to the lord.

    ''Jimmy we can call this off and just walk away with no hard feelings on either side. What have you to say?''

    ''Not on your life Sonny. Not after what you said to me in the saloon. You're going to die for it Sonny.''

    ''Why because I told you to go home and suck on your Mama's tit Jimmy?

    And just then Sonny saw Jimmy's eyes.

    And knew from Jimmy's shoulder movement that he had said the wrong thing twice as Jimmy went for his gun.

    But even before Jetters could get his gun from his holster Sonny had the cruifix in his heart.

    And Jetters was dead on the ground.

    Karen had watched from the saloon.

    Bogger Bill from the street had seen it.

    And Sam just thought to himself.

    ''Sonny sometimes I wonder if you enjoy killing?''

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    Ken was disgusted and said to Sonny.

    ''Sonny my old friend some would say that what you just did to that man was murder.''

    Murder Ken?''

    ''Yes murder as you knew Jetters was no match for you. Nobody in this territory can stand up against and you know it.''

    ''I've never murdered anybody in my life. And no court of law will convict me of it. You heard me ask him to just walk away from this. Are you deaf my friend or wasn't I loud enough?''

    ''Yeah I heard you. You're telling the truth about that. It's just...Just why do you have to do these thing Sonny? Crazy it is.''

    ''Well ken a story goes like this. There was this frog by the riverside. A scorpian came up to him and asked if he could river across the river on his back? No said the frog as you'll sting me. No I won't I promise you I won't and will reward you if you give me a ride. Ok said the frog and off they went. About halfway across the scorpian stang the frog. Why did you do that the frog said? Now we are both going to die. It's just my nature said the scorpian.''

    ''Yes but Jesus said to turn the other cheek Sonny.''

    Confusing that is Ken but the bible also says 'An eye for an eye' and I only bow down to God and the goodbook I do. Not before another man.''

    And Sonny got on his horse and rode up to where Jetters was lying. He got off his horse and walked over to where Jetters lay and took the cruifix fom his heart. Then remounted his horse.

    ''People hear me. I didn't want this and asked the man to walk away. He chose not to. There's a saying in the good book that I change some and goes. Do unto others as they would do to you. Here's 20 dollars. Bury him up on the hill.''

    And Sonny threw to the ground the same gold piece as he had used in the saloon.

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    Episode 7

    ''The conversation''

    Sonny arrives at Ken's home.

    ''Sonny, How many men have you killed now?'' Says pastor Waylens.

    ''Only those that were trying to kill me and were justly deserving pastor.''

    ''They say you are a Christian Sonny?''

    ''Roman Catholic sir.''

    ''And yet you've never heard of turning the other cheek?''

    ''I subscribe more to an eye for an eye pastor.''

    ''Do you pray Sonny?''

    ''Yes sir every God Damn day I do.''

    ''Yes I see.''

    ''Sonny Richardson come outside as I wish to speak to you.''

    ''What now Karen?''

    ''Sonny why do you say and act the way you do at times?''

    ''I don't understand. What do you mean by that Karen?''

    ''Oh never mind then Sonny.''

    ''Sonny you're a hansome man. You could have your choice of women. Why don't you settle down. But what you want to do is take my husband from me in this wild search of gold that isn't out there. What if you meet up with some bad people. Worse yet Geronimo? You'll make me a widow Sonny and the boys with no father.''

    ''But it's out there Karen. I know it is and we're all going to be rich. You worry about too many things. Geronimo Saronimo we can take him on. I only worry about your father Pops keeping his mouth shut about this if he finds out that we have a chance now to hit the mother load. Your life and your families will be better.''

    ''Alright Sonny just promise me you'll bring back my husband alive.''

    ''As God is my witness Karen I will. A promise I make to you and may God strike me dead if I don't keep it.''

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    Episode 8

    ''The next day''

    ''Wel Ken there's Bugger Bill's place. Let's get our supplies with my poker winnings.''

    ''What do you want Sonny? Not that you can't afford it after yesterday.''

    ''Let me see...Oh you don't mind if I pour Ken and me a drink from your stock here do you.''

    ''Just as long as you're paying for it. It aint free. 4 bits it will be.''

    ''4 bits? Well I guess we can handle that right Ken?''

    ''Sure can Sonny.''

    Howdy Mr. Sonny, Mr. Ken.'' Says Red.

    ''Red you shut up you stupid bastard. And take that gum out of your mouth.'' Says Bugger Bill.

    ''Ok daddy.'' Says Red. And Red takes out his gum and sticks it under the counter.

    ''Little rough on Red aren't you Bugger Bill?'' Says Sonny.

    ''Sonny why don't you mind you own business. Now are you going to buy something or not?''

    ''Yes give me 6 shovels, 12 cases each of pork and beans, 200 rounds of 45 ammo, 100 rounds of 44 for Ken's gun, and 200 rounds of 30-30 for the Winchesters. Oh and 500 pounds of dynamite.''

    ''$350 then. Fetch it up for them Red.'' Says Bugger Bill. ''Got something big going on then Sonny?''

    ''Could be Bugger Bill. Could be.'' Says Sonny.

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    Episode 9

    ''The goodbye''

    Before Sonny left he wanted to say goodbye to Ginger.

    ''More Sonny more. I'm going to miss this.''

    ''Good God women. I've riden my little pony 5 times already.'' (Ha ha doesn't the author wish here)

    ''So how long will you be gone Sonny?''

    ''Really hard to say Ginger.''

    Ginger starts dressing.

    ''Well the way I figure it Ginger and the way it prolly will be are 2 different things. But when we get back we're going to be rich. Hoping before winter sets in. God willing.''

    Gingers goes to Sonny.

    ''Sonny you know I love you. Why don't you marry me?''

    ''Ah Ginger you know I can't do that girl.''

    ''And why not Sonny? Aren't I goodlooking and the best you ever have in bed?''

    ''No no it's not that Ginger...''

    ''Well then what is it?!''

    ''Well... It's just that I'm a rambling man. And you're too good for me girl. Might start out good beginng, but I think a disaster for you in the end Ginger.''

    ''But I'd better get girl. I'll be back before winter sets in. Adios.''

    But Ginger walks Sonny out into the street and watches him walk away.

    And thinks to herself.

    ''Damn man. I'm never going to get a rope around him. But I love him so much.''

    And Sonny went home and back to the bunkhouse.

    ''So you 2 sidebusters figured I wouldn't find out. Did ya?''

    ''Find out what pops?'' Says Sonny.

    ''That you're going out for the gold. The motherload this time. Now don't lie to me you 2 varmits.''

    ''And where did you hear this?'' Says Sonny.

    ''From that no good stinking Injun Sam I did. Which is one reason he shouldn't be allowed to go. Little whiskey in the redskin and his mouth starts a flaming it does. And you my son-in-law? I just knew it was a mistake for Karen to marry you. Shoulda married that lawyer fella instead.''

    ''Oh...Alright alright alright you can go.'' Says Sonny.

    ''Sorry dad. Guess I was wrong not to tell you. But Sonny makes the decisions about all this.''

    ''Damn right I'm going! I just can't believe you 2 sidewinders would leave me out of this and take that no good stinking Injun with you.''

    ''Alright enough pops. Be ready in 10 minutes because we're saddling up.''

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    ''And I'm going to do the cooking too I am.'' Say Pops.

    ''Good good great Pops.'' Sonny chuckles some.

    And while Sonny was on the trail he thought to himself. Just how would he tell his friends the gold was on sacred indian burial ground?

    Nighttime began to fall. So it was decided to make camp for the night.

    Pops was cooking when he said.

    ''Sonny what's you fixing to do when we get rich?''

    ''Well don't know pops. Maybe head on up to San Francisco. Do some gambling, drinking, and of course some carousing around you know. Sew some oats I figure. Come back home sometime in the future and help he pastor fix up the church.''

    ''And you Pops?'' Says Sonny.

    ''Yeppers figure I'll do the same. Get me a woman I will.''

    ''Ha ha why Pops you're too old be going after the ladies.'' Says Sam.

    ''Why I can out play your tune in the sack you dirty Injun. And don't need to take on a stinking squaw like you either.'' Say Pops.

    ''Pops Indian women aren't too bad.'' Says Sonny. ''Had plenty of fill I have with them.''

    ''You see old man, Sonny knows.'' Says Sam.

    ''Why don't you just shut up Sammy wammy you squirrel bait before I bust this pan right over you head!'' Say Pops.

    ''Whoa fellas whoa...We aint going to find any gold at this rate. Let's try to keep our tempers.'' Says Sonny.

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