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Thread: Druff & Friends - 01/13/2015 - When You're Number 4, You Try Harder

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    Druff & Friends - 01/13/2015 - When You're Number 4, You Try Harder

    Show returns after a 3-week hiatus, with co-host Daredevil. The results are in from the BLUFF Awards regarding PFA Radio. Druff announces PFA Radio Touranment Player of the Year. Chris Coffin, manager of TI Poker Room, has reportedly been arrested for allegedly stealing football pool money. A card counter is suing Caesars for being unlawfuly detained, but is there more to the story? We follow the bitcoin crash during the show, and speculate if this is the beginning of the end for the cryptocurrency. Winning Poker Network accepts bitcoin for deposit. An update is given on Joe Sebok's life. Commerce Casino to charge for food starting March 1. Steve Kroft, who did online poker "60 Minutes" report in 2008, involved in sex scandal. University of Alberta claims to have created bot that plays perfect limit holdem. Are "postliminary events" a good idea at major tournaments? and to pool some players in New Jersey. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement releases interesting report regarding first year of online gaming. We lampoon yet another Pokerstars propaganda video. Pokerstars reverses course on rake increases, rolls most of it back to before. Pokerstars Spin-N-Go pays out $1,000,000 to $5 entrant. Gobboboy's new blog: "Jimmy Eats Vegas". UK says "no way" to highly misleading Unibet ad. Editorial: Hacker group "Anonymous" is embarrassing itself.

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