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Thread: My Dupe is full of sh#t

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    My Dupe is full of sh#t

    Quote Originally Posted by My Dupe View Post
    for banning the fuck out of Sonny

    holy shit man he is/was awful

    I guess I'm not the only person he made death threats to and harassed incessantly

    nice job banishing him to the PFA version of 'Retard Siberia'
    Open music, listen and read

    First of all you retarded #ssbite I was not banished from ''Flying Stupidity'' you f#cking retard but chose to leave on my own. If you don't believe ask Todd or have him post here (which I doubt the coward will) as it was an agreement between myself and him and I proposed it myself not to post in that idiotic forum with it's worthless trash in there.

    I am perfectly happy to post in The Bathroom Wall''and am building a cult following to read my stories and threads here. And I do have talent for it which I am proud to say.

    What have you done here at PFA My Dupe? The answer is ''Nothing'' as you are an untalented worthless piece of trash.


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    Did Don Lockman die of AIDS?

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