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Thread: Hilariously terrible "smart bulbs" brought to you by General Electric

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    Hilariously terrible "smart bulbs" brought to you by General Electric

    Apparently, just one more reason of an already long list recently surfaced as to why GE stock is still in the shitter.

    This time it's comedy gold

    Introducing C - yup, thats the name of the light bulbs. C by General Electric... but that isn't nearly the funniest part

    Here is their how-to instructional video on easily and quickly resetting your ridiculously expensive "smart" bulb. This video is 100% genuine and posted on their youtube page:

    ( watch...or try to watch most or the entire video to get the full idea of how ridiculous this is)

      Crowe Diddly: "light bulb firmware" rep
      Dan Druff: lolol!! Amazing
      IamGreek: Are you fucking kidding me? Why would I buy these?
      tony bagadonuts: Yes!!!!!! That is fucking hilarious.
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    Seriously? What kind of shitshow is this? This would be a perfect gift for OCD'ers. Other than that.......

      Gordman: Well, i guess given your idea, GE has a solid demographic to sell to now

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    Fuck I'm old.

    Can't believe this is a real thing.

      Gordman: Its not a matter of age nearly as much as how mind-bogglingly dumb this is. I have to believe its timeless stupidity as far as im concerned or we're doomed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey Guy
    I'd say good luck in the freeroll but I'm pretty sure you'll go on a bender to self-sabotage yourself & miss it completely or use it as the excuse of why you didn't cash.

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    This is why you don't leave engineers in charge of user interface design, or the making of videos.

    I couldn't believe how long the "Turn on for 8 seconds, turn off for 2 seconds" thing repeated.

    How did no one involved in this mess stop and say, "Wait... maybe this design needs to be modified?"

    The cheerful announcer is also hilarious, as he's acting like this entire procedure is totally normal and standard. I hope they paid him well. And the hand model, who probably has carpal tunnel now.

    Read the comments on the video.

      MumblesBadly: That little winding-down counter was hypnotising.
      Neverheeb: which makes you wonder...

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    If this is how the “Internet of Things” is going to work...count me out.

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    I guess pressing a recessed button for 20 or 30 seconds for a firmware reset is too passé.

      MumblesBadly: Holding the buttom down for that long probably lead to too many cases of lawsuits over resultant gangrene from excessively restricted fingertip bloodflow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowe Diddly View Post
    I guess pressing a recessed button for 20 or 30 seconds for a firmware reset is too passé.
    Wouldn't be too surprised if this was some kind of proprietary faggotry and someone coming up with the need for patented firmware reset protocol being standard corporate faggotry.

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