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Thread: *** Official Flying Stupidity Wagering thread ***

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    Special congratulations to Baltimore for clinching the under 59.5 today. That’s 2-1 with Texas clinching the over 71 the other night (I had under)

    If Verlander can take home the Cy Young the season long baseball stuff will pan out just nicely.

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    Almost had a huge night.

    Cincinnati won (though admittedly it was close), and Texas had TWO chances in the late innings to win.

    Down 3-2, they had 1st and 2nd with 2 out, and didn't score in the 8th.

    Then they hand 1st and 2nd NO OUT in the 9th, and didn't score, with the game ending with a DP.

    Too bad. That +425 woulda been sweet.

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    Alright Daly, if I entertain you with some of my patented passive aggressive Cali hate talk will you reward us with some leans? Your homework is due. It’s Thurs after all.

    Utah v USC
    Mobile - Football - NCAA - 305 Utah -3˝ -120 for Game

    California legislature unanimously passed a bill “Fair Pay for Play”. Needs governors signature. Pretty sure that the case.

    The bill is a “name, image and likeness” deal for California NCAA athletes. What amuses me is the irony as who would buy any Cali athletes jersey in 2019?

    UCF v Stanford last week. Stanford can’t recruit athletes? I know the school is an awful educational institution, there is the tough weather and awful tradition but still. Same for USC.

    What amuses me more is that Cali schools would have to make a choice between following the governance of the NCAA or state law and the tax free status Cali imbues on them. Pretty cool. Cali is so fucked up it just might pass.

    I just spent 30 min going through my MLB futures and I cannot find Orioles wins future . What was I thinking when I passed on that under?

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    Twins Indians Yankees parlay 1.55:1, Simp

    Big Favorites winning at insane rate in Sept

    I did Cards Flaherty. Still love the Cali HS trio.

    Preseason hockey.

    MGM $500 promo GBCP. It may be a shithole but the trip is paid for

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    Also on the jags tonight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPeters View Post
    Jags +2
    Quote Originally Posted by varys View Post
    Also on the jags tonight.

    lol who lays -110??

    Bet $ 10.00 to win $ 330.00
    Result: Pending
    Player to Score First TD And Team Wins (All Bets Action) (Listed Players Offensive TD Only)
    J O'Shaughnessy (JAC)
    09/19/19 20:20 EDT

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    I don't have any action on this game so this isn't biased that way by that.

    But down 14-0 early in the 3rd, going for it on 4th and 6 at around the 10 is pretty retarded IMO. I am all for situational +EV aggression, but I would guess Vrabel has cost his teams some serious EV, and losses, with misplaced aggression.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanlmar View Post
    Twins Indians Yankees parlay 1.55:1, Simp W

    Big Favorites winning at insane rate in Sept

    I did Cards Flaherty. Still love the Cali HS trio. W
    Printing $ without using a single brain cell

    God bless the MLB

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPeters View Post
    Jags +2

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