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Thread: Russ Hamilton looked fucking hot when he won the WSOP in 1994

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    Russ Hamilton looked fucking hot when he won the WSOP in 1994

    don't try to deny it

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    The 1994 World Series of Poker was a special affair. It was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the event, an event whose growth showed no signs of slowing. To commemorate the silver anniversary of the WSOP, Jack Binion offered to add the winner's weight in silver to the million dollar first prize. Given the girth of many amateur and professional poker players, this was a bold and generous offer.

    Winner's Weight in Silver

    When the final table was announced, it looked like Binion would be okay, as there were a few relatively slim finalists. The only real threat as far as Binion was concerned was local pro Russ Hamilton, who tipped the scales at 330 pounds.

    Russ wasn't going to make things easy on his opponents or the Binions. Russ had food delivered to the table, and proceeded to dismantle his opponents, eating all the way. He enjoyed steak while grabbing the chip lead against John Bonetti, and later a pancake and egg breakfast when doubling up against Vince Burgio, with an amazing straight flush to beat Burgio's ace high flush.

    After polishing off his eggs, Russ polished off Al Krux with an AQ against Krux's 77 by making two pair. After Burgio fell, Russ was left with only Hugh Vincent and John Spadavecchia standing between him and his hundreds of pounds of silver.

    Vincent eliminated Spadavecchia when Spadavecchia tried a semi-bluff with KQ on a J 7 T flop. Hugh Vincent held only 7 6 for middle pair, but decided it was good enough, and he was right. The sevens held, and it was down to Vincent and Russ Hamilton.

    Hamburger and Fries

    Russ had enjoyed a hamburger and fries shortly before raising pre-flop with a monster, pocket queens. Vincent, the chip leader, called with T9. When the flop came Q 5 6, Russ decided to slow play, and both players checked to see the turn. It proved to be a fortuitous move for Russ Hamilton, as the turn was an 8, giving Vincent a double gut shot straight draw and an opportunity to semi-bluff. Vincent moved in, and Russ of course called.

    $30,000 in Silver Bars

    When Vincent did not hit his straight on the river, he was crippled. The end came shortly thereafter, when Vincent saw a flop with 8 5, not knowing he was dominated by Russ' K 8. An 8 on the flop sealed his fate. The chips went in, no 5 appeared to save Vincent, and Russ Hamilton was the 1994 WSOP champion. His eating efforts were as well rewarded as his poker play. In addition to the million dollars, Russ Hamilton collected nearly $30,000 in silver bars, a fitting end for the World Series of Poker's silver year.

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