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Thread: LoL Travel (Help!)

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    LoL Travel (Help!)

    I need some suggestions to read, watch, things to do etc, while on the plane.

    My October travel schedule is pretty lol

    Midwest to Vegas 7th-9th
    Midwest to NYC 13th-16th
    Midwest to Vegas 19th to 23rd
    Midwest to LA 26th to 29th.

    I like obscure documentaries, history books, pretty much open to anything.

    By my count it is like 26 hours of flying, so any help would be appreciated.

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    what happened to your radio shows ?

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    You read any Mary Roach yet? Good plane reading.
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    Check out Amazon Kindle Unlimited. I don't think you need a kindle to use it, but not completely sure. Either way, free first month, shitloads of books free. It actually got me to read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series finally. Of course, a shitload of books aren't available, but hey, free month, y'know?

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