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Thread: can anyone vouche for full flush?

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    can anyone vouche for full flush?

    Just wondering if any of you guys have received a decent amount of payouts in a timely and consistent manner from full flush? any one have any good bad experiences with them??? seems to be some decent action on the 1k 6max tbls there lately...any input- positive or negative would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Never cashed there, friendly talketive one complaiened about cashout..good cs. But!!!!!! Once the gtd is coveres all. Remaining addon, s and soforth. DO NOT GO TO PRIZE..CS SAYS THATS THE WAY THEY RUN THERE GTD.. I spent the remander of my depisit on non gtd, s. Never redeposited..most games are gtd...obviously.....shame, couse I enjoyed the site..try americas card room...

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