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I hit the number on January 1!

However, I can't make any argument to keep myself Diamond extra time. It will be a blanket policy no matter what, and I won't be able to talk my way out of it.

I never really liked Diamond Lounges much, so the loss of the buffet there isn't big to me. Still, I don't think I'll be setting foot in a casino unless I either get the corona beforehand or there's an effective vaccine. Or if the disease vanishes, I guess.
I know your not a big drinker which is a big draw to the lounge. In Atlantic City the lounges are a bigger deal than in Vegas with a much bigger spread. I was able to get MGM to hold my status after not being able to gamble much in 2018 because of health issues. Hopefully it won't matter and we will have a vaccine that works next year.
Caesars is difficult about holding status because they already give you an extra year. I do know someone who got his RCs saved without having them expire because of health issues, but he was also a regular loser at their properties, so of course the host wanted to help him (and this was easy -- just by adding a single RC, it bought him an extra 6 months!)