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Thread: WSOP Tipping Poll

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    WSOP Tipping Poll

    Given that Caesars witholds 3% for dealer tokes (in $1500 events) do you fell obligated to tip the dealers when you cash?

    My answer is no. I generally tip about 5% of my net tournament winnings if no money is withheld, provided that it is actually going to the dealers and not going to be pocketed by the directors. I feel it is bad karma to stiff them. However, in a 500 player $1500 WSOP event, the tip pool is already $22,500. I would sweeten the pot only if I won a bracelet. The exception is the single table satellites, where a tip is customary and expected.

    Am I being sensible or a total Jew?
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    I don't ever tip extra when a "forced" tip is involved like this.

    The reason is that I am required to tip even if the dealing is absolutely horrendous. I have zero ability to get my tip back in such a case. Similarly, if the dealing is BETTER than expected, they should not expect to get more.

    I feel bad for the good dealers, actually, as they get screwed by this policy. However, I just can't bring myself to additionally tip in a forced-tip situation, as otherwise they get a guaranteed tip for dealing poorly and a good tip for dealing well, and they can't have it both ways.

    When there is no forced tip, I do tip 3% on whatever I cash.

    The other problem is that it's difficult to leave an additional tip on a small cash without it looking like an "insult" tip. I remember some poor kid left an extra $1000 after winning $1.2 million in a WPT event, and he got all kinds of grief for being a cheapskate and an asshole. They had already taken 3% out of the prize pool for tips, and most people DON'T tip beyond that, but the kid tried to tip $1000 extra and was treated like a pariah for it.

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    Buy M&M's near the MGM. Ask dealer to hold out their hands.

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