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It almost feels improvised at this point. The sense that all of this is somehow intertwined lent itself well to the overall mysticism of the reality presented, and that shit is done. Now its pretty much a collection of ongoing skits. I'll say this much, its making me appreciate the books more.

Dinkman's the greatest actor on the show, theres no question. His theatrical training gives him an unbelievably strong presence when he wants it. However, its unfortunate for two reasons; 1) hes not supposed to be the "star" of the series, and 2) its going to be insanely awkward having to keep tabs on him soon.
I keep hoping against hope that they use Natalie Dormer for something other than window dressing, I fear this will not come to pass though. Girl's got chops. But as to the storyline, it just always felt like a re-hash of the actual War of the Roses, except we get dragons with this one. I didn't read the books and have no intention of it but I have to imagine somewhere down the line we get a St. George too.