Hi everyone,

I found this website because others here were talking about the scammer known as Charles Rosseel.

I foolishly utilized his services on the website businesscreditguidance.com

Wow, what a mistake!! It turns out that Charles Rosseel did not have any real services to offer, and just sent me a list of links of credit cards to apply for. He provided no insight and no real services, and I was out $1000 that I prepaid for his "expertise"!!!

Everything Charles Rosseel gives you is easily found by a simple google search. He is not an expert, and he could not assist in getting my business any additional credit. Upon further research, I found that he was also involved in various cash-gifting multi-level-marketing scams over the years. I wish I knew this before spending $1000 on his highly misrepresented services!

I also contacted some of the people in his "testimonials". These people did not have personal dealings with Chuck or anyone associated with his company, and instead were raving about a program created and utilized by someone else. So even those were highly misleading and fraudulent.