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Thread: In the following weeks I'm going to tell some stories here

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    In the following weeks I'm going to tell some stories here

    About my life and things that have happened to me.


    Mr. Bryant my boss. A man born a millionaire.

    Bill Drake. Contract killer for The Chicago Outfit.

    1983 the night I destroyed 2 Mexicans at Seal Beach, California.

    Why for years they called my ''Mouse Man.''

    Bootcamp as a Marine.

    The night 2 coppers busted me while I was trying to hose this woman at a park.

    How I wrote this letter to the PTA acusing my teacher of being a Communist and nearly everyone got busted except for me.

    When we lit this tunnel on fire.

    The day mama washed my mouth out with Ajax.

    Those are for starters.

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    We'll pass. Thanks anyway, though

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    Lets hear what ya got.....

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