Plagued with a bad cold, Druff fights through this solo show for his first episode in 23 days. Druff gives a few highlights and lowlights from his New Orleans vacation. The PFA 2013 Leaderboard is revealed. Haseeb "Dogishead" Qureshi returns to the scene with a book & yet another series of lies, and Druff commits a few missteps while getting involved. Highly suspected Swedish cheater Sahmer Rahman now thought to possibly to be involved in EPT Barcelona laptop tampering. Broadcaster Nick Geber sheds some light on the UB tournament won by Annie Duke's boyfriend Joe Reitman. Is Ultimate Poker pro William Reynolds angle-shooting and killing other players' action? Gus Hansen accuses opponent "SallyWoo" (Chung Ho on Pokerstars) of cheating with a computer program. Druff introduces his new game, "What shady thing did Lock Poker do now?" There has apparently been superuser-style cheating on fantasy sports site fanduel. Dan Bilzerian claims Phil Ivey is broke. WPT Play Money site hacked, passwords are not encrypted. Full Tilt adds weird "Adrenaline Rush" games to site, plus adds pit games to their software. Party Poker makes marketing agreement with New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers. There is new Jennicide gossip. SrslySirius releases a new song. Harrah's Rincon gives away $1,000,000, but still managed to look bad in the process. Did Jay "WhoJedi" Newnum get arrested for tip-stealing at Foxwoods, or is it a bogus report? badguy23 is accused of welching on a $500 bet with a PFA user. Bitcoins surge back near $1100, stabilize once again at $900, and are now usable to deposit on the Winning Poker Network.