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Thread: ***Official Beer Thread***

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    Cannabis and craft beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Today is a good day.

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      Kuntmissioner: Congrats, hope it's a boy

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      duped_samaritan: nice. just had a bottle last week.

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    Had a pair of these last night, 2 more tonight. Way too much of everything, in a choco-lacto-coffee vanilla way. Alcohol is totally hidden on the way down, but at 11% makes its presence felt pretty quickly. A great 'not leaving the house again tonight' stout. Not a daily drinker, but something I'd love to have during a blizzard.

      Bootsy Collins: Hazys during the summer and Pastrys during the winter.
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    Friend gave me some Space Dust for helping him hang a chandelier it’s legit

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      Crowe Diddly: #WouldDrink

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