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Thread: Armed agents raid animal shelter for baby deer

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    Armed agents raid animal shelter for baby deer

    Shit like just pisses me off. I work my ass off as so do so many other people and this is what we pay for. Of course nothing will come of it since it is nearly impossible to get fired from a government job even if you have the IQ of a washcloth.

    and this is just fucking pathetic:

    "When asked by a reporter why the department didn't make a phone call before devoting massive resources to the raid, they likened it to a drug bust.

    "If a sheriff's department is going in to do a search warrant on a drug bust, they don't call them and ask them to voluntarily surrender their marijuana or whatever drug that they have before they show up," Niemeyer

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    Well if the people there know that the sherriff is coming they will obviously have time to flush their deer down the toilet

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    Typical government bureaucracy run amok.

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    This is a ways south of where I live. Pisses me off too.

    One note - We have had CWD (chronic wasting disease) in our state for a while now. I can understand their intent to do what is REASONABLY possible to slow or stop the disease spread. They may have tighter policies regarding housing animals like this in relation to possible disease spread. What they did here was bad on so many levels though.

    One thing to point out however is that this guy who was caring for the deer was planning to ship it to Illinois. Hypothetically, if the deer just happened to have CWD and was eventually mingling with other deer, well now you have a whole new set of problems, and you now potentially have another hotspot of CWD spreading in that state.

    Make no mistake though, how they handled this situation was ridiculous and totally uncalled for. I can't believe that this is what my tax dollars and my hunting/fishing fees are paying for.

    They could have told the guy what he did wrong, and explained to him why it is wrong; and then they could have packed up the animal (alive!) and quarantined it for a period of time until it is deemed disease free.

    This situation is certainly not going to help their image, and it certainly doesn't set a very good example when they expect the rest of us to practice good conservation skills.

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    Keep getting used to this terror by the government. It's going to be the new normal before we all wake up and realize it.

    I'm more scared of getting killed by a cop than any terrorist, and I find that highly ironic.

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    I completely disagree with what happened but both teams of humans fucked up. If a mother abandons offspring in the wild that is nature doing it's business and it is none of our business 'rescuing' them. We can call it our right to fuck up our own species by trying to ensure all members live to be able to reproduce but we should keep out of other species natural selection process.

    The only time we should interfere is to try and right a wrong. Like when we pollute or expropriate their habitat.

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    I'm OK with it as long as someone ends up eating the deer.

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    I don't want to piss the liberals off but I don't give a fuck. I own 65 acres next to a park that has no hunting, one year all the liberals came out to the park because the county wanted to thin the deer out.

    The dumb asses ran all the deer out of the park away from the guys hunting there (we knew they were gonna protest) so I had a bunch of friends show up to my property and we killed 11 deer that day. Gotta love liberals.

    And every ounce of the deer we killed was good eatin

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