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Thread: Ivey's Bust Out Hand opinions?

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    Ivey's Bust Out Hand opinions?

    I think Ivey played that hand like an amatuer. What do you think and why?

      Deal: virgin

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    Very bad play by Ivey...
    He shoved 415k with bottom set massive over bet ... he didn't tank he auto shoved. I have seen better plays on facebook, oh wait that is where ivey poker is now.
    but this is the main event and Day 3 no reason to risk your tourney life.

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    Exactly how I see it Snow. This is the ME ffs! No need to gamble at this point and put entire tourney at risk without the nuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamGreek View Post
    Exactly how I see it Snow. This is the ME ffs! No need to gamble at this point and put entire tourney at risk without the nuts.
    so he was just going to fold a set on a completely dry board? you guys realize how -ev that is. he's getting it in good there 98% of the time and his pot odds are perfect. a fold would be the dumbest thing in the history of poker, especially against his opponents range there.

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    I think he played it just fine it was a set vs. set cooler and he jammed to protect his hand but the guy who snaps him off with the bigger set is Max Steinberg who makes some bizarre aggro monkey plays sometimes.

    The hand just looks bad because of how much goes in the pot on the flop but it's not bad at all imo. If your opponent has an over pair or top two you get them to commit a lot of chips right now behind or if they have something like KsQs as the flop was As10h3s you charge them the maximum if they want to gamble it up on a big draw.

    The guy Okelola made it 41k and that is a big portion of chips saying he likes his hand so I like the shove from Ivey here to hopefully commit the guy now but again that flat is scary to some point until you assess the situation.

    The flat of the bet/raise is not as scary as you think since we can rule out aces from Steinberg range as he didn't three bet preflop which most will do and he likely 3bets tens as well a good portion of the time so taking that into account do you all really still hate Ivey's play?
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    Truthfully it is very hard to get away from a set in the later stages of the Main Event, unless both players have an absolutely massive stack.

    I read that Ivey, who usually shakes off losses as if they're nothing, was visibly frustrated about this one as he walked away.

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    he had the effective second nuts (as AA is unlikely or at a minimum discounted heavily) on an extremely wet board. He's facing a 41K bet and one caller on a board that could bring any of 18 outs that are either scare cards or could beat him (any K/Q/J or spade). You can also add in another Ace to give AT a higher boat. Just calling the re-raise gives either opponent a chance to hit one of these cards. It is hard to put either opponent on exactly TT at this point as all kinds of combo draws, AT, AK/AQ, make up their range. It is also hard to put Steinberg on TT as he is just calling a raise and 3bet on an extremely wet board. Steinberg also is facing a potential 18 cards that could screw him. It appears to me that Steinberg's play is a safe attempt at pot controlling to peel the turn and see.

    Ivey is going to lose most if not all of his chips here almost always. By completely shoving over the top he not only charges the monster draws to see both cards but he also potentially brings along AT (maybe sometimes even AK) as you can easily expect the monster draws to be part of his range. This large overshove actually sometimes helps keep these smaller hands in the calling range as it looks less threatening (as in an attempt to shutdown the hand). Since AA is highly unlikely, only TT beats him outright and he is already going to lose a ton of chips against TT.

    He is also OOP in the hand. so what do you propose he do instead on this hand? flat call the 41K and peel a card? Check/fold if it is one of the 18 cards? Bet out if it isn't? Check/call if it isn't? Check/call if it is and draw to a full house? Check/raise all in now if it isn't? If you assume he is just going to accept that TT is a cooler and he is going to lose a lot of chips against TT then his 4bet shove all in on the flop makes sense.

    Sure he can play it all nitty, call the bet and check/fold the turn. However, maybe he had a good read on the first guy and the way Steinberg played the TTs is tricky.

    At worst his play marginally too aggressive or spewy. Right or wrong, he's basically fucked for a lot of chips on this hand. The action is so aggressive at times in the main event that is very difficult to ever fold the effective second nuts...

    Chalk it up to a cooler....

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