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Thread: AT&T's network is improving -- for now

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    AT&T's network is improving -- for now

    The article basically says that AT&T has increased speed and bandwidth, to where they are no longer experiencing the "crowd problems" where you could not use your phone for data when in a densely-populated area, such as a major city, stadium, or casino.

    I have noticed an improvement over the last 2-3 years, but I still notice the data struggling at times when in a highly populated place. Fortunately I can switch to the outdated "Edge" network, which most iPhones cannot do, as I have jailbroken my phone.

    The article notes, however, that AT&T is still only "catching up" to Verizon, and that Verizon will leapfrog ahead of them again very soon, as they have had their technology and coverage in place for a long time now.

    I have AT&T primarily because I'm grandfathered in to a great deal with them, and to switch at this point would make my cell phone bill skyrocket.

    I will say that I am generally satisfied with their customer service. I have never had Verizon cell service before, but customer service was TERRIBLE at T-Mobile, and also pretty bad at Sprint.

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    T-mobile doesn't specialize in customer service and neither does Sprint. I had verizon the last few years (was with sprint before that and metro pcs before them) and was usually satisfied with their customer service. As good as their service was the good customer service was almost too much, I felt spoiled damned near. I wanted to do bad things to metro pcs goons and literally had a full manic breakdown inside of a sprint store so it was a very nice change of pace away from what I had become accustomed to.
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