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Thread: Bobby Fischer speaks the truth...

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    Bobby Fischer speaks the truth...

      Walter Sobchak: fuck you anti-semite
      adamantium: anti-semite

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    fuck krypt
    good ole bobby fischer......

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    fuck krypt
    im a little bit SHOCKED that this thread hasn't gotten more attention......

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    If I had read this, it sounds tongue in cheek, but he sounds really serious.

    Rook takes pawn. checkmate.
    Businesses that make money by collecting & selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as "surveillance companies." Their rebranding as "social media" is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense.

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    4:51 seconds in the interview fisher: "I mean there is no end to this Genetic Engineering, they can start mixing fish with human and anythings possible"... i thought he was talking about the Moneymaker effect.
    Why all the hate for jews.. you can replace "jews", with any other race in this interview
    and it's the same tilted racist idiot that has lost him mind.

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    Fischers biological father was a jew!

    Cut and paste from Wiki.

    "Sources implying that Paul Nemenyi, a Hungarian Jewish physicist, may have been Fischer's biological father, were first made public in a 2002 investigation by Peter Nicholas and Clea Benson of The Philadelphia Inquirer.[11][12][13] During the 1950s, the FBI investigated Regina and her circle for her alleged communist sympathies and her previous life in Moscow.[14] The files from that FBI investigation into the family identify Nemenyi as Bobby's biological father. Government documents show that Hans-Gerhardt Fischer never entered the United States, having been refused admission by U.S. immigration officials because of alleged Communist sympathies.[12][15][16] Regina and Nemenyi were reported to have had an affair in 1942. Additionally, Paul Nemenyi made monthly child support payments to her, and paid for Fischer's schooling until his own death in 1952.[17] Nemenyi also lodged complaints with social workers saying he was concerned about the way that Regina was raising the child, on one occasion breaking down in tears when making the complaints.[12] Separately, Bobby later told the Hungarian chess player Zita Rajcsanyi that Paul Nemenyi would sometimes show up at the family's Brooklyn apartment and take him on outings.[11] After Paul Nemenyi died, in 1952, Regina Fischer wrote a letter to Paul Nemenyi's first son (Peter), asking if Paul had left money for Bobby in his will: "Bobby was sick 2 days with fever and sore throat and of course a doctor or medicine was out of the question. I don't think Paul would have wanted to leave Bobby this way and would ask you most urgently to let me know if Paul left anything for Bobby."[12] Regina also told a social worker that the last time she had ever seen Hans-Gerhardt Fischer was 1939, four years before Bobby was born. On another occasion, she told the social worker she had traveled to Mexico to see Hans-Gerhardt in June 1942, and that Bobby was conceived during that meeting.[11] According to Bobby Fischer's brother-in-law, Russell Targ, who was married to Bobby's half-sister, Joan, for 40 years, Regina concealed the fact that Nemenyi was Bobby's father because she wanted to avoid the stigma of an out-of-wedlock birth.[11]"

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    His mother was a Jew too.

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    Bobby was a Jew too.

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    Nothing like the self-loathing some jews have for themselves. Beyond any explanation its like the rich liberal white ass who rides around in a limo kissing the black kids and acting like its his fault their great great grandparents were slaves.. Seriously I dont know whats worse the redneck asses who parade around with signs "the south will rise again" or the self-loathing dicks who try to act like they really give 2 shits about people whos ancestors were slaves 150 fucking years ago. its over we've moved on people. Aint nobody holding anybody down except yourselves at this point. If you choose to join a gang, sell drugs get a chick preggers NO fucking whitey made you do it...

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