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Thread: Druff & Friends - 05/21/2013 - Fools' Gold

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    Druff & Friends - 05/21/2013 - Fools' Gold

    Druff talks about how Jamie Gold got into such a dire financial situation to where he's selling his WSOP bracelet. Known scammers Chino Rheem and Erick Lindgren lead the $25k Bellagio WPT event, and we follow their progress live. Druff discusses the efforts underway to pressure companies and regulators to disallow Iovation from providing their services. Lock Poker spokesman Shane Bridges lies, and sort-of admits what he did regarding Druff's report about the infamous Portugal retreat. Druff calls out Lock Pro Brett "gank" Jungblut for attacking his credibility during a recent chat session. Druff criticizes Ultimate Poker's refusal to provide proof that they no longer work with Iovation. An update is provided on the 5-year-old Microgaming scandal. Druff provides many helpful tips -- both logistical and play-wise -- for this year's WSOP. The new proposed California online poker bill is analyzed. Druff tells the unfortunate story of Moore Games, which has vanished and apparently cheated its customers. Druff relays a user's concerns about Table Ninja and their recent alleged bait-and-switch tactics.

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