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Im still in lol!


Its all so ridiculous, but as long as idiots keep clicking the buy button and feeding the pump without understanding the shares outstanding, market cap, and the fact that this shitcoin is in fact shit etc, its all good!

In total i think the original investment was about $150. (I wish i knew the true cost but Coinbase sucks ass bigtime with informing users of certain info - and Ive become convinced over months that they do this on purpose to cloud up info and confuse users for their own financial gain - but that whole bit is another story for another day)
I have coinbase too and also not a fan. Their fees are so expensive. I bought SHIB only because bitcoin has given me such a great return and I felt like speculating. I'm up nicely since. If I get to a double I'll cash out my stake and keep half for free. A big IF of course.