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Thread: Ultimate Poker----How to play out of Nevada?

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    Ultimate Poker----How to play out of Nevada?

    What are some suggestions on how to play UP out of Nevada. I guess having a phone at a friends house in Nevada...but how to get passed other security measures?
    And is this a bad idea?

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    I'd assume somewhere in the terms and conditions it would outline what happens if someone is caught playing outside of Nevada. I'd also assume they pay you out and block you from the site, but you'd want to check if they confiscate the money and block you.

    I believe 2 weeks ago on Radio Druff and China outlined possible scenarios on how the system might be weak in certain places but they weren't advocating "cheating". Obviously there are risks that if you were to trust a friend with a phone and computer in Nevada to use for something like this as well.
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