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Thread: Lay the favorite on netflix

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    Lay the favorite on netflix

    I am in the adam carolla school of thought that you should research your subject before making a movie on it. There were plenty of lulz especially when it came to fairly basic things like “betting $40k on New Jersey as a huge dog vs LA” and the payout being -110 while they sweat out a win straight up. There were also several scenes with Del Mar running in the background and Bruce Willis claiming he was on fire today at Santa Anita.

    The main actress chick is awful, matter of fact they are all awful including Catherine Zeta Jones. The tall chick from That 70’s Show is also in the flick and is topless in the first scene she is in with her flapjacks parted to each side while laying out.

    Overall I found it to be entertaining, only due to the fact that I am a degen. Not sure how it got 3.5 stars.

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    I watched this the other night when nothing else was on I saw it was new to netflix so after reading the description I figured I'd give it a shot. My expectations were low and I'm glad they were since this movie wasn't very good.

    Their is tons of bad acting especially from the main actress Rebecca Hall. She comes off very annoying it's cringe worthy.

    Since I like gambling movies I sat through it but I wouldn't watch it again. I wish writers would do their damn research first to make things more realistic to those who know at least some how the industry works.

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    30 for 30 on Jimmy the Greek was decent.

    Tops for me is the Dreyfuss flick Let it ride.

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    I thought this was a stock tip at first.,like "bet on netflix."

    I've been wanting to see this, that sucks about how shitty Rebecca Hall was.
    I loved her in Vicky Christina Barcelona, Frost Nixon and of course "The Town", also.

    I'm amazed in movies how often they get the gambling scenes wrong. I mean how many people are on set, and you are telling me none are degens or have bookies?

    This one might be the worst.
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    The book wasn't bad

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    I saw Lay The Favorite on sale at Best Buy like a month ago. Never heard of it. Sounded ok, so I redbox'ed it. Awful movie, waste of time. Bruce Willis couldn't play the role of a Degen and Vince Vaughn playing as a bookie and offshore bookmaker makes it all more of a joke.

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    Watched this movie last night and I was like what the fuck?....then I watched the new Bourne I think? No Matt Damon? Now these niggas jump over trees and shoot drones out of the sky apparently. What the fucked out of the room.

    Oh yeah the new Bourne is the same guy that played Hawkeye in the Avengers, the superhero with the distinction of having nobody give a fuck about him at all.

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