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Thread: Druff & Friends - 04/30/2013 - Born Again

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    Druff & Friends - 04/30/2013 - Born Again

    It's a new era for both PFA Radio and online poker, as "Druff & Drexel" officially becomes "Druff & Friends", while Station Casinos officially launch the first legal online poker room available in the United States. Chinamaniac co-hosts with Druff this week. We give our opinion of the new legal Nevada-only poker site, and Druff explains the technology behind identifying which players are actually in Nevada. We talk about the abhorrent situation at Lock Poker, which has hit a new low this past week. We discuss the unfortunate suicide this week of a Vegas poker pro, whose father claims it was mostly due to the events of Black Friday. Druff talks about the events he's selling for the 2013 WSOP. Dave Lerman plays the part of a Henna Tattoo scam victim on a Las Vegas TV news broadcast. We provide an update to the story of the guys sentenced for hacking Joe Sebok's e-mail in 2010, with a lot more details given than last week. We read the responses posted on PFA from the owner of Infiniti Poker and poker pro Jason Stern, both of whom were criticized on last week's broadcast. Ken Scalir calls in from a pay phone and talks about the "water drinking trick" he utilizes at the Coachella Music Festival. We talk about the strange appointment of disgraced UB COO Paul Leggett to Head of Online Gaming at Amaya. We discuss Pokerstars' failed attempt to purchase the Atlantic Club in New Jersey.

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