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Thread: Infiniti Poker looks like it is down & stole money (WAS: Jason Stern, fresh from representing the GRRRINDERS poker site/scam, now onto a new fail project)

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    I don't think these guys paid players before they went down presumably for good back in March of last year. Their twitter says they are launching today. Should be lol after the last debacle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FRANKRIZZO View Post
    I don't think these guys paid players before they went down presumably for good back in March of last year. Their twitter says they are launching today. Should be lol after the last debacle.
    Wow, terrible.

    Can you link the twitter account?

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    Infiniti Poker to go Live February 6!! Facebook

    Twitter INFINITI POKER NATION~ February 2015 Newsletter ~

    On behalf of everyone here at Infiniti Poker, we are very pleased to announce to all of you that the time has now come for our FULL product release and gaming platform launch - now with the inclusion of a full Sit & Go and MTT tournament schedule.

    As of Friday, February 6, 2015, we will be opening the doors to both our play money and real money lobbies and holding an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek to players all over the world, INCLUDING the USA and Canada, who elect to utilize Bitcoin as their payment option of choice.In the coming weeks, we will be announcing the addition of Visa and Mastercard payment options within our cashier page and fulfill our commitment to being the world's first and only US facing online poker platform that unifies both real-world fiat and crypto currencies under the same payment option umbrella.

    Prior to making your first deposit, we are pleased to offer you a choice of incentive programs: 50% Lifetime Rakeback or 100% First Deposit Bonus up to $1000. You can view the details of these incentive offers in addition to learning more about our Prestige Club loyalty program by visiting** If you have a previous version of our software either from our beta test phase or from our "soft" launch of last year, you will need to uninstall the program from your computer and proceed to where you can click the DOWNLOAD button to get the latest version - all updates from that point forward will be automatic.We look forward to seeing you in our game room and would like to reiterate our pledge to make Infiniti Poker your platform of choice as we devote the coming weeks, months and years to the ongoing development, innovation and improvement of your online poker experience. We have some big plans in the works and we look forward to revealing them to you as we move forward!See you at the tables!

    FOUNDER'S MESSAGETo Our Valued Customers,I would like to take this opportunity to express several things to all of you who have been a part of and pulling for the success of Infiniti Poker from the very start of our journey. I would also like to address all of you who have discovered us in the recent months during our final developmental strides towards our imminent full scale launch.

    First and foremost, a thank you...Thank you for your patience and your understanding as our young and promising company underwent its initial growing pains and previous troubled rollout history. I understand that since we first introduced our product and concept in Beta format in the summer of 2012, the field of online poker providers who now offer the core innovations we introduced back then has certainly widened . Your willingness to continue to support our vision means the world to myself and my team who have put so much into our product's creation and development.Secondly, an apology...

    An apology for those of you who were there supporting Infiniti Poker during our "soft" launch in early 2014 and got unfortunately caught up in the debacle created by the fraudulent actions of a handful of security infiltrators, multi-accounters and colluders. Due to their conduct, it required us to make the decision to lock out the site temporarily, and by doing so, we were able to identify the internal, technical flaw that enabled the breach.

    Needless to say, heads rolled. Site security has always been, and continues to be my top priority.I want to assure you at this time that the lack of access to the site was primarily due to an internal reshuffling of our software development team stemming from the events of our soft launch last year. But it was also due to the time we required to undergo the pain staking task of tracking and analyzing the actions of the fraudsters so that we can ensure that none of the funds employed by our legitimate customers would be washed out and compromised.

    Rest assured, our mission has never wavered. The provision of a dynamic social gaming community founded upon an elegant poker client that offers more choices to its customers in game play modes and financial options continues to be our relentless aspiration. Because of your patience and your ongoing support, we will all make Infiniti Poker a great place to play and an industry leader in igaming innovation.Stay Infinite!Michael Hajduk, Founder & CEO - Infiniti Interactive Inc. Facebook TwitterSuite 102, Ground Floor, Corner of Eyre & Hutson Streets - Belize City, Belize | This message was sent to who is a registered subscriber to www.infinitipoker.comYou may Unsubscribe here at any timeCopyright 2015 Infinite Holdings Ltd., All rights reserved
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    Michael Hajduk
    Chairman, CEO
    Infiniti Poker Inc.
    & David Webb another shmuck.

    What ever happened to these 2 thieves.? Jason Stern Is a Decent Fella. Started out as a Chef in Reno grinding i believe in 04? looked for backers On CraigList I recall. He play's A-Ok. Wonder why he retired. Sad he got caught up in those messes.
    Now I believe he runs a small Poker room at Suncoast?

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