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Thread: Druff & Drexel Show - 04/09/2013 - Stop the Music

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    Druff & Drexel Show - 04/09/2013 - Stop the Music

    SrslySirius guest co-hosts in place of Drexel. We discuss the real money poker coming to and the beta test for Nevada residents, along with Caesar's aggressive promise that it will be running in 2013. Lock Poker is having even more money problems. Druff confirms and gives more details about his upcoming appearance in a DVD Extra of a major theatrical movie. We talk about a PFA member being cheated in Carbon Poker's Last Man Standing contest. We discuss the recent confession by Peter "Zupp" Zepsen that he multi-accounted against Viktor Blom in 2009. Ray Bitar is getting no jail time, and we give our reactions. We analyze the situation with the Royal Bank of Canada sending warning letters to online poker players. Zynga Poker is offering real money poker, but not the way you might think. Erik Ryland calls in to talk about bitcoins. We play clips from the trailer of upcoming online poker documentary "Bet, Raise, Fold". We attempt to call a few more leaked celebrity phone numbers. badguy23 gives us a number to prank call of a strange guy in Los Angeles.

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