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Thread: TOR Client for Android

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    TOR Client for Android

    As a method of quick browsing for wares on SR (not ordering, there is a time and place to talk about shit like isn't here) or wherever a TOR browser might have a use I installed Orbot and Orweb v2 on my phone. Upon installing both applications I was hit with a barrage of updates and two piece of new software which I didn't agree to download (Zinio and Google Play). What gives? I install what to a believe to be a secure browser but it installs some Bullshit on the backend...exactly how secure is Orbot/OrWeb? This leads me to be VERY weary of even considering to do anything that WOULD require a TOR browser and like hell I would even get anything on SR on my phone given this dose of reality.

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    Google play or Play shop?

    If it's Play Shop then its the new name for the Marketplace.

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    sup android malware?

    you lookin goooood today.

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