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Thread: Druff & Drexel Show - 01/08/2013 - 35+35=75?!

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    Druff & Drexel Show - 01/08/2013 - 35+35=75?!

    Johnny "Jasep" Sep guest co-hosts in Drexel's mysterious absence. We talk about Gobboboy's mom's false-but-ugly accusation against one of her son's friends. Erick Lindgren's gambling rehab and admission of owing millions of dollars is discussed. We talk about the cancellation of Jennifer Harman's reality show, and look into the life of one of her crazy castmates. We warn the community about Cedric Brazeau, accused of drugging and hacking Thai poker players. Druff gives reasons why you shouldn't donate to the PPA. We discuss Caesar's various fails, including their possible bankruptcy in the near future. Druff updates everyone on the situation with longtime Russ Hamilton associate Blair Rodman and his time on PokerFraudAlert, and he reads an LOL letter from Poker Players Academy founder Mike Helm, claiming to have lost $2.2 million on the project. Colonel Nigel Fabersham questions the Rio about a ridiculously priced drink promotion. We talk about Chad Elie's sentencing to a minimum security facility, and play a clip of Victor Conte talking about his time there. We amuse ourselves with the fact that Joe Sebok is crushing hella grapes these days.

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