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Thread: Sirius Business - 01/02/2013 - The Pilot

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    Sirius Business - 01/02/2013 - The Pilot

    This is the pilot episode of Sirius Business, essentially a test broadcast make sure I can run things smoothly without setting my house on fire. I recap the psuedo-feud between myself and Matt Marafioti. I catch up with my old friend Guillermo and discuss various topics such as football and the sad news of Marco’s retirement from QuadJacks. Marty (aka Jewdonk) calls in to insult me and attempts to take over my show. I lament the woes of the Houston Texans and outline my quest to get sponsored by Shasta Sodas. Lindsay interrupts my break to lure me to the dark side of Fanta and make a song request, which I abruptly deny. As promised, I give a Snake in the Grass update and reveal my recent discovery that Zac of QJs stiffed me on a web design project. An angry black man calls in and accuses me of having an affair with his girlfriend. I ask Guillermo if he is influenced by marketing that targets hispanics. I give Marty a 2nd chance, and am shortly joined by Todd “Dan Druff” Witteles thereafter; arguments ensue. Forum user Wiz calls in, claiming to be forum user Sonatine, and tells a bizarre story. A chatter berates Druff and challenges him to fisticuffs. We later confirm that it is indeed the PFA user SixToedPete and determine that he’s likely been drinking.

    The show starts to get kind of stale after that, so I shut it down and thank everyone for participating. Next week will be the official premiere of Sirius Business, with a more prepared agenda and (hopefully) a booked guest or two.

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