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Thread: French-Canadian poker player Cedric Brazeau ("Bluestaze") accused of breaking into Thai poker players' houses, putting spyware on laptops

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    French-Canadian poker player Cedric Brazeau ("Bluestaze") accused of breaking into Thai poker players' houses, putting spyware on laptops

    This is Cedric Brazeau:

    He plays under the screen name "Bluestaze".

    He lives on the Phuket island in Thailand.

    Phuket is a popular tourist destination. I was there in 1988. It was also hit by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, where 250 people died in Phuket.

    Anyway, apparently a poker community developed in Phuket -- mostly online players, many of them foreigners who enjoy the Thai lifestyle.

    After a lot of break-ins involving laptops that were either stolen or tampered with, the poker community in Phuket realized that all of the victims were connected to Cedric in some way.

    He is also accused of drugging "friends" in Thailand, and stealing from them while they were knocked out.

    This post was made on 2+2 by an account called "Phuket Poker Community", and a number of longtime 2+2 members in Phuket came forward to vouch for the legitimacy of the post:

    this post is a cumulative effort of the entire Phuket Poker community. we'll pipe in as individuals to verify it. we wanted people to know for sure this isn't some vendetta by one individual or anything. over 25 of us contributed to the accumulation of data and understanding this. even more are likely affected.

    Over the past few months, French Canadian Cedric Brazeau / Cedrik Brazeau aka Bluestaze has been trying to hack the computers of the poker community in Phuket. His tactics have included Burglary and Assault. This is not the first time Cedric has been a part of shady dealings in the Poker Community.

    researching his history uncovers a very shady past. He has been reported to have been a part of a very similar hacking scheme a few years ago in Bangkok. He was also accused of contacting new 2+2ers in BKK, and drugging them while he goes out with them, and robbing their hotel rooms. (the details on this act are shakier as the victims were drugged, and these accusations weren't totally made public) A Third accusation was made of ripping off his roommates. that story can be read here:

    It is now our understanding that he has hired criminals to follow and surveiller us, used agents to build a portfolio of information on us, his targets. These criminals then conducted multiple burglaries that we know of, and probably a few that we dont, planting software on computers to be able to monitor our play. Using multiple accounts, he is working to defraud the people in our community. Our research into Cedric and his agents have led us to believe that they have also participated in Assault, Intimidation, and Bribery of innocent locals (and later, some of our community) in order to achieve his ends.

    We, as a community, have prided ourselves on being very welcoming and open to other players who wanted to join us.. offering assistance, information, and friendship to our fellow 2+2'ers coming to visit or live here, and Cedric set out to exploit that as best he could. It's a shame, but this will certainly negatively affect that openness which we took such pride in.

    We feel that it is not only our duty to try and defend our phuket poker community, but also our Thai Neighbors, some of whom are being victimized as well... but now to defend other poker communities as well. Over the years, he's obviously been working on his technique. he was still sloppy this time. it's hard to imagine now that he's been exposed in Phuket that he won't either try us again, or move on to another Poker community somewhere... so we hope any of you who are a part of public or semi public poker communities will do your best to be vigilant in your security efforts in the future... and obviously if Cedric shows up in your area, take the necessary precautions.

    I think it is very likely that these allegations are either 100% true or mostly true.

    This is due to both the sheer number of accusers, as well as past accusations against Cedric, dating back to 2008.

    The guy seems like a big scumbag and a terrible criminal.

    As referenced in the 2+2 thread, here is a post about Cedric stealing from roommates in Thailand in 2009:

    Here is a poorly-written, March 2010 post about Cedric hacking people in Thailand:

    Here is a hard-to-follow post, partially in French, about Cedric scamming people in 2008:

    And finally, here is a laughable series of posts from Cedric on a Bitcoin forum, asking about the profitability of using multiple computers to mine bitcoins:;sa=showPosts

    Apparently these people are not going to the police because the Thai police are corrupt and are unlikely to do anything. I have also heard that poker is illegal in Thailand, so that might also be a reason that they don't want the police involved.

    Anyway, seems like a really bad guy, and I believe most of the allegations.

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    I have to ask...what happened to this guy? been 6 years.situational update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoeshine box View Post
    I have to ask...what happened to this guy? been 6 years.situational update?
    Well he ripped off a bunch of poker players, so absolutely not a goddamn thing happened to him.

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