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Thread: Card counting/back counting 6 deck blackjack

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    Card counting/back counting 6 deck blackjack

    A video of card counting 6 deck blackjack involving back counting (or Wonging) I made on Greek Easter under the influence of a couple glasses of wine before dinner almost 5 years ago. Made a few mistakes, but the overall lesson of beating blackjack via card counting is valid. Don't think Druff has covered table hopping in his excellent description of beating blackjack on this site. ENJOY!!!

    Sharing my love of card counting and casinos without charge.

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    Thanks, JSTAT.

    "Wonging" can actually still work nowadays if you are willing to do it once and walk away. If you stand around more than one full shoe and do it, the pit will typically catch on, unless they are really clueless.

    My best blackack session ever was actually thanks to Wonging. It was in Aruba, where the pit boss was totally clueless. Hollywood Dave and I sat out while AP spokesmodel Serinda Swan was playing $100-per-hand blackjack, then hopped in the game whenever the count went sufficiently positive. We hopped back out when it went negative. Between the Wonging and some good luck, I won $9700 in that single shoe. I quit after that, though it was because I had to leave, not because I was worried about getting caught. I would never be so blatant about it in the US, though.

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