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Thread: Rick Majerus DD

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    Rick Majerus DD

    He was never the picture of health.

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    don't come round here with anything les, you here

    ffs are you an obit watcher? no one gives a shit about no one who's been heard about

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    Locker room and hotel towels are now safe yet again.

    Everyone has heard stories about Rick Majerus. His propensity for nudity and calling his player's "cunts" has survived long enough that they are both accepted facts of playing for Majerus. A friend of mine used to coach with Majerus. He was always eating, drawing up scouts in front of the team in the nude, making vulgar comments, and treating the managers like shit. Until a few months ago, my friend had been saving the best incident yet.

    We were playing pickup and one of Majerus's ex-players was there. My friend called him over and told him to tell me the worst thing he had ever witnessed Majerus do. I could sense by both of their shit-eating grins that they both knew what story I was in for. It went like this:

    "Rick was always a jerk to the managers. Every season he went out of his ways to never learn their names. They were only referred to as ‘manager'. One day, Rick was drawing up a scout in our team room about 2 hours before tipoff. Things were going well, considering he was fully dressed and we hadn't been referred to as cunts yet. From the white board he started yelling 'manager, manager, bring a towel over here!'.

    "Not knowing what to expect, we sat back eagerly awaiting his next move. What happened next still haunts me to this day. Majerus took the towel, pulled his pants down, and quickly took a dump into the towel, which he was holding under his ass. After he was done he used part of the towel to wipe, wrapped it up, and HANDED IT BACK TO THE MANAGER, and told him to throw it away. The kid looked like a deer in giant Rick Majerus headlights. The whole room was silent. Rick just pulled his pants up and went back to the scout, never once mentioning it or acting like anything out of the ordinary had occurred."

    This may seem shocking, impossible, or something made up. I have now heard multiple confirmations of this story as it apparently is openly passed down from generation to generation of Majerus players. Imagine what else he's capable of having done over the past 20 years!

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    Read an article on the guy. Everyone acknowledges he was a great person and coach. A guy you would want to have a couple pizzas and a pitcher of red wine with.

    The most chilling article I read was that after years of battling 300 lbs, the skin in his heart thickened to the point it was not able to pump out blood. So if you are fat, here is your warning, thank me later.

    RIP Fat basketball coach.

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