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    pokerfraudalert's logo

    I'm weighing in on a very subjective topic, but maybe has some merit. I'm speaking to the site's current logo. To me, it doesn't properly convey the site's existence and mission, which is "PokerFraudAlert seeks to be the one-stop place on the web to learn all about the shady companies, individuals...." Skull & crossbones implies something different to me. We have some very talented photoshoppers here--it might be interesting to see what they can come up with. A poll could decide the best. Again, it's subjective, and if you are satisfied with it, it's no big deal, but the site is new so if a change is to be made, the sooner the better.

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    Agreed. Ben's mother does not have time to be making logos.

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    Agreed, I suggested this a while back. Mash up a UB, Full Tilt or Epic poker logo and/or tagline...

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