Base Jumpers Ditch Bar Tab By Parachuting 55 Stories From Rialto Towers (VIDEO)

Well, here's one way to avoid paying for drinks.

"They came in wearing suits and then went into the bathroom and changed Superman style."

The Herald Sun reports that four men jumped from the 55 floor of the Rialto Towers in Melbourne after consuming pricey cocktails at the Vue de monde restaurant. Restaurant owner Shannon Bennett said the four men - wearing business suits - walked into the venue’s Lui Bar with travel suitcases and ordered Negroni cocktails before throwing themselves off the building.

"Basically, four guys came upstairs with parachutes hidden underneath their jackets," Mr Bennett said. "We don’t allow anyone to bring any baggage upstairs so we asked them to take the baggage off them. "They said they needed it for a presentation they were doing in the function and we told them to obviously get the gear out for the presentation and they proceeded to do so,

After a quick change in the bathroom, 7News in Australia reports that the daredevils climbed a tall plastic barrier outside the restaurant before taking the plunge toward the street where a getaway car waiting for them.

“I ran from the kitchen into the room and I just saw a flash of them jumping over, and at that stage none of us knew what the hell was going on," he said. "The only thing that gave it away which I didn’t see was they were wearing helmets with cameras on them, and that’s what was in the suitcase."

Mr Bennett said he would have to increase security measures and possibly close off the balcony for a period of time. “We thought our plan was pretty good..." he said. “These guys that jumped last night looked at our security measures, because we’ve got pretty good security measures up there, they knew exactly what they were doing.

In a separate report, 7News notes that police are using surveillance video of the jump to try to catch the drink-and-dashers.

Watch the video report from 7News below:

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