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Thread: If Micon was cast in this movie he would have been a BIG star...

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    If Micon was cast in this movie he would have been a BIG star...

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    Has anyone seen this movie? I stumbled upon it channel surfing one night in college, and it was captivating. Extremely weird, but very enjoyable. I give it two Doug Lees.

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    Actually, the novel written by Patrick Süskind, is one of the more common books read in the german equivalent to your high school.

    Brought a lot of stuff for discussion in class.

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    Micon is doing his usual fail. He created a tournament with continuous blinds and talked it up all week. Then he forgot about it and missed his own tournament. Clown being a clown.

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    In fairness, Micon is only a "site pro", I mean you'd have to be a fucking idiot to promote something all week and forget about it if you were the owner.
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