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Thread: Druff & Drexel Show - 10/30/2012 - The Incredible Stephanie

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    Druff & Drexel Show - 10/30/2012 - The Incredible Stephanie

    We talk about the WSOP Final Table with 3 players left, giving updates is it progresses. We analyze the decision by Merge to end player-to-player transfers, and what that means for the future. We give an update on the Cantor Gaming Sportsbook Director arrest from last week, and talk about an interesting female defendant in the case. Druff gives his opinion on the partnership between Zynga and Bwin/Party. We talk about the One Drop Tournament being renewed, but having its buyin reduced to $1,111 for 2013. Marisa, one of the girls who spent the weekend with Ken Scalir and Stephanie in Las Veags, gives a short interview. We ambush Stephanie for more commentary on the situation, and the initially-hostile conversation turns surprisingly friendly and then hostile again. Brandon is revealed to be a "nose breather". We talk a bit about the upcoming Presidential election, as well as the Lakers' first-game fail.

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