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Thread: Druff & Drexel Show - 10/24/2012 - Sweeps, Stephanie, Scalir, Scallops, Sex, and Single Moms

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    Druff & Drexel Show - 10/24/2012 - Sweeps, Stephanie, Scalir, Scallops, Sex, and Single Moms

    We play and mock clips of the terrible new poker reality show "teaser" featuring Johnny Chan. Update on Venetian robbery report and chip-cashing troubles of last week. We talk a little about the recent troubles at Party Poker where players are spontaneously switching to become one another. Breaking news about the Cantor Gaming sportsbook director arrest is given, and Druff shares his own anecdote regarding Pinnacle Sports, which is related to the recent arrests. Ken Scalir calls in to talk about his horror story involving a problematic trip to Vegas, which included two single moms, violence at the hands of friend Stephanie, a thrown wine glass in the Paris hotel, and lots of other fail. We also called Stephanie afterwards to get her commentary. Badguy23 calls in and makes peace with Drexel. Druff and Drexel address rumors that they were "together at the same place" with a former site's business partners over the weekend. A short "pre-show" took place beforehand by Drexel, which is also archived separately in this thread.

    Note that there is a small "hiccup" around the 2-minute mark where about a minute of the show got lost. The rest of the episode proceeded normally.

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