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Thread: Exploitable Slots

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post

    This game is progressive wilds with free games. banks wilds.

    The Minor (purple) starts at 30 and must hit by 75 or you are awarded 10 free spins with 75 wilds.
    The Major (green) starts at 40 and must hit by 100 or you are automatically awarded 10 free spins with 100 wilds.
    The Mega (yellow) starts at 50 and must hit by 125 or you are awarded 10 free spins with 125 wilds.

    The trick to this game is play only when you find numbers close to the top, like a purple 65, or green 85, or yellow 110. These are consensus numbers among AP's. Some play a little higher, others play a little lower.

    The payoffs are also predictable. Purple 75 averages about 70 units, green 140, yellow 240.

    In the video Matt is again playing early. He finds a yellow at 101.

    He triggers the yellow at 16:40, gets a 208 unit payoff but loses about $1300. Typical when you start the play at just a yellow 101. If it would have been up around 110 he would have done much better.

    i play this one a lot, when i can find it. i've done well on it. and yes, never sit when the numbers are low. but it is a very well known AP slot so it's hard to find it situated right. i will gladly play where purple is at 60, green 78-80, an yellow 105 or so. there are a number of videos where matt plays this game with no advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by herbertstemple View Post
    i recently found the purples on 74. couldn't believe it. just $0.75 spins. the 75th purple hit after about 8 spins too. think more than 100% of my winnings have come off this one machine.

    definitely my favorite machine.
    You must have been playing Regal.

    this is your thread so did not want to "out" rr.

    think you were on the first "gambling with an edge " i ever listened to.

    mad respect for you mickey.

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