Buffalo Link is a good game to start with.

Alan Kessler, the poker tournament player, is also an advantage slot player. I'm sure some of you follow him on X. His favorite game appears to be Buffalo Link as he tweets about the game regularly. Here are some links to his buffalo tweets:





So what exactly is Kessler doing?

In the below video Vegas Matt is playing a $125 Buffalo Link. This game is a Mystery Progressive and what slot AP's refer to as a Must Hit By (MHB). A bonus feature can be triggered on any spin.

Notice the counter in the upper right is on 956, The Buffalo (actually a bison) is the main symbol. Every time a buffalo symbol lands in the screen it ticks the counter up by 1 unit. The counter resets to 100 and a bonus feature will be awarded before the counter reaches 1800. One will average catching about 2 buffaloes per spin. Once this bonus feature is awarded the counter will reset to 100.

So Matt has selected a game where the counter is already at 956. You can see it on the upper right. Much better than playing low but still it's a negative play. The positive plays starts at around 1200. The more above 1200 the number is the bigger the edge. A number like 1400 is strong although beware as this game carries a lot of variance. You will average a strong profit at that number even tho not every play is a winner.

So Matt catches the 3 coins on the first spin to get the 8 free spins. This is one of the bonus features.

Then at 0:45 he catches the lock & spin feature (the other bonus feature). You can see how this feature works. Fill the entire board up and you win the Grand Prize.

At 29:50 the bonus feature triggers. Matt spins it off and the counter resets to 100. The play is over.

There are usually 25 bet levels, each with their own counters, to check on a Buffalo Link machine. I'll get into how to check those bet levels for good numbers in a future post.