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Thread: NOTE: Auto-twitter updates don't work anymore, thanks to Elon

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    NOTE: Auto-twitter updates don't work anymore, thanks to Elon

    Elon Musk disabled the ability for bots like the one I use on PFA to search and post from Twitter.

    Thus, the updates people could post during WSOP events with PFA-related hashtags will no longer work here. That's why you're not seeing any.

    Sad to see this go, but I guess Elon is trying to recoup some of his $44 billion investment. In order to get this functionality, I would have to pay $100/month AND redesign the whole bot to their new standards. Not worth it.

    If I'm bored, maybe I will manually post my tweets in each thread so you can see how my various events went, but no promises.

    You can follow my WSOP progress on @DanDruffPoker on Twitter.

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